Reunited: The Past, Present, and Future of Russell Westbrook and James Harden

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Who's more excited about Westbrook joining the Houston Rockets?

James Harden or Travis Scott

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Dear Comrades,

I've come out of retirement to discuss the most mind boggling trade of the last 144 hours since the whole Kawhi-Paul George to the Clippers ordeal: the instantly infamous Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook trade.

Chris Paul, and several future first round picks have been dealt to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Mr. Triple Double himself, Russell "Brodie / WHY NOT" Westbrook.

When this transaction initially took place I was playing a relaxing, yet somewhat intense game of Beersbie (or Polish Horseshoes, whatever you wanna call it) with some friends on their front lawn. I'd foolishly thought that the most exciting thing that was going to happen to my friends and I that day was the switching of my Frisbee toss from the traditional backhand toss to the unorthodox hammer-throw.

Once again, for the umpteenth time in my life, I was both hysterically wrong and absolutely baffled by a deal that went down in the best league in sports history: the NBA.

God (left) and Jesus (right)

Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey is popular for his obsession with superstars in this league that has only about eight or nine of them. Several years ago he gave up one of the most ludicrous hauls ever in order to obtain Chris "The Point God" Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers in order to pair him with MVP candidate James Harden.

The other day, Morey proved once again that he'll stop at nothing in order to electrocute the league, and force me to check my own pulsating heart.

Not only did Daryl dish Chris Paul to the curb like a side of fries that he didn't feel like eating anymore, he ordered a whole 'nother entree to pair with his primary one in James Harden.

Adding Russell Westbrook to a James Harden led team is like adding a full slab of ribs to a plate that already has a 24 oz. prime rib (if they even make those).

There are only two players in the entire history of the NBA that have had a usage rate percentage of over 40% throughout the course of an entire season. Can you guess who they are? I bet you can, if you watched even a sliver of professional basketball over the last two years.