Recap: Basement Bars Showcase (4/11)

On Thursday, April 11, Basement Bars and Music Plug joined forces to throw their first ever show, taking place at Nightshop in Bloomington, Illinois. Their show was the Basement Bars Hip-Hop & Pop Artist Showcase, allowing underground artists from all over Illinois a chance to perform and promote. The show was a success, leaving the artists, supporters and organizers satisfied and hopeful for the future.

Members of the Burbs Media Team pulled up to the showcase to snap some shots and talk to some of the performing artists. Here's what we got:

(All Photos taken by Jovan Taylor and Hunter McNeeley)


#1 Song: "Blue Benji"

Hails From: Chicago, IL

Trap Lord Scoli

#1 Song: "Hella Dope"

Scoli's Word of Advice: "Stay Out of Tragic Situations"

Chef Snacko

#1 Song: "What She Asked For"

Snacko's Sound: Light, Wavy

Ranger Andy

#1 Song: "Good News"

Skill: Able to play trumpet, playing since 5th grade


#1 Song: "A Different Route"

Word from Macntosh: "Anyone can achieve what they want; peace, love, and positivity"


#1 Song: "Trappin Ain't Dead"

007's Likes: Cars, Good Vibes


#1 Song: "Nice Guy"

JDot's Hustle: Works for Lyrical Lemonade


#1 Song: "Johnny Bravo"

DK's Passion: Music, performing since a young age

All Day Jay

#1 Song: "Jordan Year"

Jay's Plug: @imalldayjay on all social media

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