• Marty Gross

'Raygun' - redveil Ft. Kenny Mason

On October 27, we were blessed with something special. redveil came out with the brand new single “Raygun,” hot off of his second album Niagara. This track features redveil’s most acclaimed feature yet from the "Angelic Hoodrat" himself—Kenny Mason. 

The first thing that caught my ears about the track was the magnificent, newly-found chemistry between both artists. Even though they are almost a decade apart in age, it had absolutely no effect on the beautiful blend they created on this song. To start the track, Kenny delivers a classy and relaxed chorus that complements the dazzling strings very well, while redveil comes with intense verbiage and a rich voice—two traits that further prove he's well beyond his years. These two really catered to each of their strengths and made a timeless track, to say the least.

On a meticulous level, I love the ray gun bullets whirling around the track. This little touch with the strings creates a unique aesthetic that is otherworldly and extraterrestrial—even though it did not reflect that theme lyrically. Both artists show unwavering versatility on "Raygun." I swear, every time I hear a redveil song, I just know it will be great—this song was on the exact same trajectory. I’m very excited to hear more collaborations from redveil, and it is really amazing to see he is finally getting the respect he deserves.

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