2020 NFL Ranked Quarterback Tiers

In the latest Burbs Football round-up, the team started on a new mini-series of tiered rankings for every positional group in the NFL. Here's the first edition of that series. Naturally, we started with the most important position on the field the quarterbacks. This is by no means who we think will have the best 2020 season if there is one, this list is purely about skill.

Tier 1: Diamond

1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Russell Wilson

Head and shoulders above the competition, these guys are in play for a Super Bowl appearance every year. Both Russ and Pat are future Hall of Famers and deserve to have their names mentioned in a different company from the rest.

Tier 2: Platinum

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Drew Brees

5. Tom Brady

6. Deshaun Watson

7. Lamar Jackson

Tier 2 guys fall into these two categories; in the past, they were considered "tier one" or in the future, they could be considered "tier one". It's obvious who falls under which subcategory so ill leave that for you to figure out.

Tier 3: Gold

8. Carson Wentz

9. Matt Ryan

10. Dak Prescott

These QB's are right on the cusp of tier two. Some seasons they can play with the best in the league, but sometimes things just don't go according to plan. Ryan is a former MVP who lost in the Super Bowl, Carson got injured during his MVP season, and Dak has been leading great teams with a dysfunctional coaching staff. If everything goes right for these guys can we see them jump a tier? I think so.

Tier 4: Silver

11. Ben Roethlisberger

12. Matthew Stafford

13. Baker Mayfield

14. Kirk Cousins

15. Phillip Rivers

16. Jimmy Garrappolo

17. Ryan Tannehill

This was the bulk of the list, all of these guys can find themselves in the postseason every year. What makes these guys different from the ones above is that the team around them has to be just as good, if not better. They have a slightly worse chance at a Super Bowl run being the 'middle of the pack' guys. Although, with the right team anything is possible, and if you don't believe that? Look at what Ryan Tannehill did once out of Miami.

Tier 5: Elite Potential

18. Kyler Murray

19. Joe Burrow

One of the smallest tiers of this ranking was what we called 'potential superstars'. It's only right to put these youngsters behind some really good QB's. It's also only right that they're in this tier just them two. These are the only guys we could see leapfrogging tier 4 into tier 3 or 2, down the line maybe even tier one.

Tier 6: Bronze

20. Derek Carr

21. Jared Goff

22. Drew Lock

23. Josh Allen

24. Gardner Minshew

All of these quarterbacks are talented but have major flaws. Carr has the lowest depth of target in the league, Allen is inaccurate, and Goff relies on his offensive system/play-calling more than any other QB.

Tier 7: "Meh"

25. Ryan Fitzpatrick

26. Daniel Jones

27. Sam Darnold

Honestly, these guys won't win anything in their careers unless a miracle happens. As more and more talented QB's enter this league, the bar continues to get raised right over their heads and soon enough backing up their franchises next star.

Tier 8: Short-Term Starter

28. Nick Foles

29. Teddy Bridgewater

30. Tyrod Taylor

The ugly part of our list is this tier, half will become backups sooner rather than later, and the other half will retire soon. I wouldn't be happy starting any of these guys on my team. (Yeah I'm talking about us Bears fans).

Tier 9: Unproven

31. Dwayne Haskins

32. Jared Stidham

We had to put Stidham and Haskins in their own tier because of all the unknowns. Seriously, who knows what these kid is going to do? Especially Jared, if Bill likes him as much as the reports say there's nothing stopping him from jumping up this list. Same with Haskins, his team was garbage and they ran the ball majority of the season.