Prom Night Blues - NRVS LVRS

NRVS LVRS (pronounced “Nervous Lovers”) is a husband (Andrew Gomez) & wife (Bevin Fernandez) duo from San Francisco. “Prom Night Blues” is the 3rd single off of their forthcoming EP "Cult Lite". Bevin’s vocals on the track blend extremely well with a moving instrumental, especially during the chorus where her vocals are layered. I’m also a very big fan of the synth-pop based instrumental, especially how it evolves throughout the track. The drums on this track are perfect and couldn’t have been done better. They give a great nostalgic feel to the song.

The lyric "If we could love like the night before, we lost it all, we lost it all." I think summarizes the topic of the song pretty well. A past feeling you long for, but you must embrace the reality of where you are now.

In the words of NRVS LVRS, "Prom Night Blues" takes away your anxiety, even if for just a moment, with wistful vocals that soothe the soul and dreamy synths that bring back nostalgic memories".

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