Popping The Bubble: Fashion on the Inside

With a new world of sports, NBA players and franchises are continuing to navigate these times. “The Bubble” is proving to be a hub of basketball, new shoes, and constant outfits.

The Bubble is in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The disclosed location is equipped with almost everything the players may need: a barbershop, a bar, suites, training facilities, gaming stations, golfing and more. At the end of the day, these men are there to focus on basketball. As each day passes, fashion creates a larger outlet for athletes to express themselves, and we as fans are here to see it evolve.

Through the Bubble fashion, we get to see players’ comfortable outfits, of course probably nicer than our own. While they remain in the same buildings, they are busy preparing for their upcoming games. We get to see more of their wardrobes and everyday clothes. New sneakers are being debuted on the court, but more importantly, we get to see these men advocating for social justice issues with their clothing. Their vocalization on the Black Lives Matter movement, publicly supporting the WNBA, and repeatedly preaching justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. At Thursday night's game, the Jazz and Pelican's coaches, players, and refs knelt during the national anthem. Once the game started, we could see social justice messages on their jerseys and shoes.

At first, there was debate if players would be allowed to wear their own clothes to games, or if they would be required to wear a designated uniform. The league ruled that players would be allowed to wear their own clothes to these games. Kelly Oubre Jr. strategically packed 9 game day outfits for his 8 games with 10 pairs of shoes. His arsenal of a wardrobe never goes unnoticed.

With the initial dress code, there was tension and push back. Troy Daniels said, “If the NBA wants to be real technical with the dress code, they can be, but it really didn’t matter to be to be honest because it's fashion over the NBA.” Fashion icon and Houston’s small-ball center PJ Tucker told GQ that he brought over 100 pairs of shoes with him, and continues to get more shipped in from home. Many players are receiving “care packages” filled with clothes and shoes from home. But for now, we get to take a look at the “comfy” dress code inside of the Bubble.

Yes, pre-game fits are back! As we see Devin Booker and Ja Morant coming in style in their comfortable fits. Orlando is happy to have them.

And most importantly, we see players drawing attention to current social issues through their clothing. "Shoot hoops not people". Lebron James wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt. And supporting the WNBA as they practice and play at IMG Academy in Brandenton, FL.

Lebron debuting new shoes with his shoe collection is only the tip of the iceberg of sneakers in the Bubble. And Jordan Clarkson gives us a look into the barbershop.