Ahmad Anonimis releases atmospheric new single "Party"

With the overwhelming saturation of music in the modern industry driven by streaming, it can be hard for artists to break through and shine. Many have found success through sticking to a specific lane, but in the modern era of music, it's extremely advantageous for an artist to be versatile and unpredictable. Ahmad Anonimis, a Georgia-based artist, takes an ambitious leap with his new atmospheric track "Party."

The n!ne thousand-produced track leads with layers of high-pitched melodies from Ahmad as soon as the bass comes in. The light vocals fade in and out over the spacey beat, which transports you to another environment. Ahmad's voice breaks through once his verse begins and he does what he does best—bringing fresh and unique flows. Anonimis controls the pacing of the song perfectly and the transitions from the hook to the respective verses are seamless. The DeKalb/Gwinnett County product continues to diversify his sound and push himself to new levels. Check out the new song at the links below.

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