OVO’s Best Collaborations

The streetwear label OVO (October’s Very Own) was started by Drake and his business partner Oliver El-Khatib in 2011. OVO started off on MySpace as a blog, but has since transformed into a major fashion brand. As both creators’ birthdays are in October, the name is fitting, and the brand’s image has evolved alongside Drake’s career.

The owl logo is noticed worldwide. With big collaborations with brands such as Canada Goose, the Toronto Raptors, and Jordan, OVO flourished in streetwear fashion. From shoes to coats to sweatshirts, Drake touched every aspect of the fashion world. The black and gold colorway makes OVO recognizable with a clean, yet exclusive look. From Toronto, to America, to all around the world—Drake is connected wherever he goes. But his hometown Toronto holds a special meaning and has incorporated Canadian brands into the foundations of OVO.

Perhaps most of the OVO hype came from limited releases. OVO is known for limited releases as Drake was one of the first to master this technique. On top of that, collaborations with renowned, trend-setting companies only grew the brand. Drake constantly wearing OVO and gifting OVO pieces to his celebrity friends further marketed the brand. With someone becoming as globally known as Drake, there was no better time to launch a brand. Drake’s music career opened up many doors for connections outside of music that allowed OVO to collaborate with various brands and release various collections. With this, OVO established their brand through various seasonal collections, versatile pieces, and incorporating trending styles. We decided to break down Drake’s best OVO collaborations.

1.OVO X Canada Goose

Canada Goose is a winter clothing company that continually pairs with Drake and OVO to release exclusive jackets. From 24-karat gold details to the black and gold aesthetic, these jackets sell-out immediately and resell for high prices. Once a year, OVO and Canada Goose release a small collection that remains in high demand.

2. OVO X Jordan

In 2015, OVO and Jordan paired up to release a limited edition Jordan 10. After wearing these unreleased sneakers on tour and in music videos, the hype led the drop of the OVO Jordan 10 to sell out immediately. Since then, Jordan and OVO have partnered numerous times on clothing and sneakers that, again, resell for high prices.

3. OVO X Toronto Raptors

Drake’s hometown of Toronto introduced the Toronto Raptors, joining the NBA in 1995. In 2014, OVO x Raptors gear released during the season. This drop included jerseys and practice gear. Drake was also named an official Ambassador of the Raptors, continuing the cross-branding and sponsorship between the two.

4. OVO X Takashi Murakami

One of the most recognizable collaborations is with Takashi Murakami. These pieces include a mix of the OVO owl and Takashi’s signature flower logo. This collaboration was hugely successful and is considered to be one of OVO’s greatest collaborations.

5. OVO X Prada