GEI$HA is a rising Chicago artist who has been featured on Burbs a handful of times, and he captured our attention yet again with his latest offering—an album entitled ON MY OWN.

His past releases have solidified him as an experimental trap savant, and this album is no different. GEI$HA’s vocals and beat selection alone showcase his wide range of influences; from bright and upbeat bangers to carefully-crafted ballads, GEI$HA’s versatile catalog can cater to nearly any listener who appreciates contemporary music.

ON MY OWN only runs 19 minutes at seven tracks, but GEI$HA accomplishes a lot in that window. He delivers some of his best bars and hooks to-date while floating over some of his best beats to-date, often courtesy of his partner-in-crime MAKEPHILRICH. Overall, the album serves as another testament to his consistency and artistic vision. He curated the perfect selection of tracks to get his point across without doing too much or too little. In today’s music climate, that’s a feat worthy of praise.

The album starts off on a high note with “GOOD TIMES,” an airy, laidback anthem carried by an impeccable guitar instrumental from MAKEPHILRICH. Seeing as GEI$HA teased the track for some time, it was the perfect opener to ON MY OWN. It is immediately followed-up by another quality, genre-blending cut in “Live to Die.”

With seven masterful tracks, there aren’t really any skips. However, GEI$HA shines the brightest on tracks “Highest/The Loneliest” (produced by Tony Staxx) and “CAN’T SEE A THING,” which GEI$HA produced himself. Both aforementioned tracks are further indication of a bright future for GEI$HA.

Before we know it, GEI$HA will become one of the fastest rising stars in the industry. Get in tune with him before he blows.

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