NIGHTFALL - Austen Nobles

A couple days ago, Austen Nobles released his new project 'NIGHTFALL' on Soundcloud. We asked him a couple of questions about how the project came together.

What inspired the creation of Nightfall?

"A time in my life when I was searching for things outside myself. I was going thru a lot of emotional loss over what I believed to be love at the time."

How have you grown from your last project LustLoveK9 to Nightfall?

"I’ve matured a lot as a person. I don’t value the same things from when I recorded Nightfall. The story of sir noble thus far has taken many forms and the growth from that itself is great to experience!"

Was the goal to keep this project relatively short?

"Yes. I wanted to make something seamless. That you can play front to back and experience different every time based on what you’re doing or how you feel. Nightfall is a ode to a past that we can relate to."

What was the hardest part about creating this project?

Figuring out the order of the story. I never make my projects linear. Sometimes the first song is made last in the recording process. It’s always fun bringing it all together up until it’s time to order the tracks. It’s unorthodox yet it works!

What is special about this project to you?

I can’t recapture the exact moments I felt yet the nostalgia of it is very real. I love that the most.

What’s next for Austen Nobles?

Not sure. Probably give myself ample time to create something new for Sir Noble. A new story to add to his tale. Something universal.

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