NBA Rookie of the Year Candidates Not Named Zion Williamson

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Look, we get it: Zion Williamson is good at basketball. Like really fucking good at basketball. We’ve been aware of this since his junior year of high school when he became Instagram’s favorite entity.

I remember seeing a Zion Williamson dunk for the first time like it was yesterday. His volcano-sized body erupted upwards and his left hand cradled a basketball while it touched the bottom of his left butt cheek before it nearly shattered the petrified rim.

(One day I'll become Earth's #1 Zion Fan Fiction writer, but the story above is not fiction.)

But just because Z (that's my favorite nickname for him, just Z, except it has to be underlined and bolded font when written out) was the number one pick in the 2019 NBA draft doesn’t mean he’s going to be the de facto winner of this year’s Rookie of the Year award. Zion was drafted to the New Orleans Pelicans. A team that is going to have some fresh faces this upcoming season following their mega-deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rookies like Zion, Jaxson Hayes, and Nickeil Alexander-Walker aren’t going to be the only NOLA players trying to prove themselves to their new franchise this season. Young “veterans” like Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart are just as eager as the even newer newcomers, and although they may not admit it in the public eye: the former Lakers believe that this is their team.

My apologies for the low quality image, but it's probably pretty hazy because of the wood that BI sparked before this photo was taken.

We can anticipate New Orleans to have around five or six guys who average over 10 points per game (Jrue Holiday, Derrick Favors, J.J. Reddick, Brandon Ingram, and Zion Williamson). Their leading scorer is going to be the team’s elder statesman, Jrue Holiday, and Lonzo Ball will be the one who is handed the keys to the offense since he’s their best distributor.

This equation means that Zion is going to be somewhat of an afterthought in the New Orleans offense although he’ll be at the forefront of all their highlight reels. This delusion of concentration isn’t going to be the same for other rookies in the 2019 Draft Class. There are four other players who have just as good of a chance as Zion, if not better, to win the NBA Rookie of the Year award due to their situations, circumstances, and systems they'll be playing within.

The two other top three players in this draft class, RJ Barrett and Ja Morant, are going to be asked to be one of the best players on their teams during their upcoming rookie seasons. They stick out to me more than later lottery draft picks (Tyler Herro and Coby White) not only because they were higher picks, but because they are going to be looked at to be the saviors of their respected franchises rather than valued bucket getters.

To avoid all allegations of being biased to Duke, let's begin with the second pick in the NBA Draft...


Photo via Memphis Business Journal

Predicted Stats: 14.8 PPG, 3.2 RPG, 8.1 APG, 1.3 SPG, 0.6 BPG, 44% FG, 31% 3PT, 79.2% FT

If you've been living under a Zion sized rock for the last 12 months, then let me explain who the second pick in the NBA draft is to you in a simple manner:

Ja Morant is an infusion of a younger John Wall, and last year's Trae Young. The young man is tall for his position, as athletic as they come, and his superb vision allows him to be even more dangerous as a passer than he is as a scorer.

The guy has an almost veteran-seasoned feel for the game. His jump shot is relatively inconsistent, but his athleticism is mind boggling enough to take advantage of the space that defenders will be forced to give him. His first step is electric, and once he blows by the first defender, his vision is dangerous enough to find the wide open guy in the corner or on the wing nearly every time up the floor. Ja is already going to be amongst the top five-to-ten range as a 21 year old point guard as far as distributing goes.

The only issue with Morant’s ability and willingness to pass the ball is that the teammates he’s going to be passing to are simply not that good. He’s going to have to force feed Triple J (Jaren Jackson Jr.) if the Grizzlies want to make any improvements with this young core. If he gets stuck feeding it to whichever guy with the last name Brooks is still on the team, then the Grizzlies are going to be stuck in the NBA’s tumultuous purgatory once again. But hey, maybe they’ll luck their way into another top 3 pick. Who knows?