Mosa talks career vision, building connections, moving to Texas, and more

“This a Rolex, baby, not a Timex; 2020, I’m next.”

As an artist, if you state this on the first song of your debut album, you better have the ability to back up what you're proclaiming. Mosa did just that. The Boston-raised, Houston-based artist gave us one for the books with his debut album Heartbreak University. The Heart Break Kid is one of the most versatile artists I've heard in a long time. From giving his growing fanbase R&B songs, Latin tracks, and club bangers, Mosa has proved that he belongs where he is at today.

Gaining recognition from high-caliber industry figures such as Drake, Meek Mill, Kaash Paige, Jas Prince, Mike Dean, and many more, Mosa stays humble and grateful. The Kid puts his head down and works day-in and day-out. All things are supposed to be fun in life, but Mosa has the eye for nothing but business when it comes to his career. Being a part of such a legacy like The Prince Family, Mosa understands that his position comes with a lot pressure, but as he stated, “Pressure makes diamonds.” After a genuine conversation with Mosa, I can see the respect, value, and high standards that he holds not only himself to, but also the people around him. Mosa has everything people want, and he will be one of the next mainstream artists that holds his career for many years.

Last week, I had the chance to sit down with rising phenom Mosa.

Nick: Tell me a little bit about yourself, bro. Where you're from, how you got into the whole music industry, and where you're at now?

MOSA: I was born in New York, the Bronx. We moved to Massachusetts when I was very young. I was very young, and then I just started making music. Music has always been in the family; I started making music when I got to Massachusetts, I was always rapping and freestyling. I really started writing because my older brother, when he got to high school, was recording. And, you know, that's my only brother, so I was always trying to follow through with what he was doing and follow his footsteps.

Nick: What was it like moving from the northeast to the Lone Star State?

Mosa: It was dope, man. The culture was completely different, the weather was completely different, the food was completely different, the people were completely different. There was a lot of adjusting I had to do; you can't just move the same way you do over there. Obviously, I'm from over there. So, I know what I'm doing; I know where I'm going. And then coming over here alone, I didn't know anybody. I had to just kind of analyze things and sit back and watch a little bit until it's time for me to start making noise.

Nick: That whole process— how did that come about? How did Jas Prince find you?

Mosa: So on Instagram, I started doing promotions around 2016-2017. I was investing a lot of my money—paycheck to paycheck—into it. I was going broke, trying to post Instagram promotions. Around 2017-2018, he saw me on Instagram and reached out to me, but then around 2019 is when we linked up, and then he flew me out. I came up to Texas for five days. And from there, the rest is history.

Nick: Being near the Prince family, what is it like to be recognized by influential people like Drake, Meek Mill, YK Osiris, and Kaash Paige that have had such an impact on the music industry?

Mosa: Yeah, man, it's a blessing; I never take it for granted. I'll reach out to them if I ever need any advice. Me and Kaash have more of a close relationship than the other people, but I always just have that level of respect for them just because they showed me love at this early stage in my career.

Nick: Other than your album, what do you have in store for 2021? Also, give a shout out to your team, bro. It seems like you guys are killing it.