Mick Jenkins - "Percy" ft. Qari [Prod. by greenSLLIME] Music Video

Chicago produces the best artists, you can't convince me otherwise. Yes, there is 110% bias because I'm local.

312 Native Mick Jenkins comes to us with a new video for his song "Percy" featuring

fellow Chicago artist & Hurt Everybody member, Qari (Formally known as Carl); footage for the video was shot and edited by 119 Productions /Jude Appleby. The sharp and smooth editing of the video intertwine seamlessly with the intoxicatingly wavey instrumental (especially when the chops come in) Prod. by greenSLLIME. The production fits Mick and Quari's laidback flows perfectly. The colors used in the video are exactly what I would've imagined when hearing this beat, it’s perfect for cruising down LSD around sunset with the windows down and the volume all the way up. Everything from the lyrics, the production, the flows, and editing were all executed perfectly. This song, if it doesn't release as a single, could possibly appear on Mick Jenkins's follow up album to his 2018 project "Pieces of a Man".


Favorite Mick Jenkins Line

"Go split a blunt and come with way more guts They talk beef, we seek choice pork cuts I'm screaming fuck 12, need white blood cells"

Favorite Qari Line

"Percy Jackson never had no trouble with the sea With the wave, with the deep N****s slaves, n****s sheep"


2:55 in the Music Video

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