Me$$iah - Racer Ft. Zeth

Track after track Me$$iah has continued to improve his craft. "Racer" is a step to the next level for the young artist's career. The dark fast paced instrumental combined with a catchy chorus supplied by Me$$iah makes this song Aux certified for any Function, Event, or Car Ride. Me$$iah comes through on his verse with bar after bar, and punchline after punchline.

"Choppa clapping like it's in the crowd"


"Imma paint her face now she a clown"

Featured on the song is Zeth, the two of them were once a duo, but have now went down their own respective solo routes, frequently collaborating along the way. Whenever these two hop on a song together, it is almost always a hit. Zeth's melodic vocals and harmonized ad libs compliment, Me$$iah's verse and the beat perfectly.

Listen to "Racer" here

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