MARTIAN'S MINUTE: May 30, 2019

Wow. Slow news day yesterday! It's 1:30 AM right now and I'm scrounging the Internet for things to update y'all on but I can't find anything to save my life. So I guess luckily (for both of us), this will be a quick one. I just uploaded the Season 2 premiere of The Fro and The Flow because I'm a MF grinder so go listen to that ASAP. I'll try and remember to add a link in the morning.


Kodak Black denied bond yet again

(Link to original article.) I swear Kodak gets arrested every other week; this guy just can't seem to stay out of the slammer. Two weeks after being arrested for state and federal firearm charges for allegedly lying on his Firearms Transaction Record (Form 4473) and subsequently having his bond set at $550,000, a judge has ordered that Kodak Black be kept in jail until the start of his trial some time in August. (Tony M. Centeno, XXL) Tough break. I obviously don't know Kodak personally, but there's been some allegations and displays of antics that lead me to believe he's not a patron saint. He doesn't seem to be an outright threat to society or anything of that extremity, so if he's able to get out anytime soon hopefully he can clean his act up a bit.

Kodak is only a year and a half older than me? Damn. I feel like he's been around for a while. If I had that much fame right now I'd definitely do some dumb shit. Would I lie on a firearms form? Probably not. I'd probably buy too many edibles or an expensive Jeep; nothing bond-deniable worthy.


It was Melo's birthday! Happy birthday Melo!

I can't believe I forgot to shout this out during the pod; I even tweeted about. It was future Hall of Famer and all-around legend Carmelo Anthony's birthday yesterday, so time to give props where they're due. Don't fall into the negativity on Twitter surrounding Melo's last few seasons; he is a full-fledged legend. I can't think of many other players that were as fun to watch on offense as Melo was in his prime. He had fourteen 20-point per game seasons. 14! Melo was, and still very much is, a straight hooper; an undisputed bucket getter; a swoosh aficionado.

He dropped 62 only five years ago. It feels like a completely different world, but that's really not that long ago. Let's take time to remember greatness:

Melo is also a Team USA legend; he has three (?) gold medals and absolutely torched Nigeria in a red, white, and blue star spangled ass whooping:

Alright, it's late. I have shit to do tomorrow morning so I won't have time to really edit this. You're gonna be getting 2:16 in the morning Martian and let me tell you, he's among the stars right now.