MARTIAN'S MINUTE: May 24, 2019

I'm way too lazy to type out another intro because it's already 1:11 PM: Hey, it's Martian back for another go-around. Who would have thought I'd actually commit to a new idea for more than a day. Summer really does turn a new leaf in the jungle that is life. I really don't think that made any sense. Hopefully you were so captivated after reading yesterday's Minute that you just had to come back for more. It's actually proven that reading these makes you significantly smarter about things that ultimately will never matter in your professional, and probably personal, lives. But hey, at least you'll absolutely kill it in Catchphrase.


Toronto takes a 3-2 lead over the Bucks with Martian in attendance

I would've had better seats if Hunter would've let me send an invoice to him and charge it as a Burbs expense, but this a "no fun" company apparently. Watching the games in person versus on TV is a much different (and better) experience, and I haven't watched any highlights yet, so I'm just going to say it: Kawhi is officially a robot. His fourth quarter was incredible and even though I was rooting for the Bucks (#FearTheDeer), watching Kawhi put Toronto on his back and lead them back from a double-digit deficit was one of the illest things I've ever seen. We're bringing back "ill", everybody. It was the second playoff game I've ever been to and obviously it was the best. I mean it was the Eastern Conference Finals! Absolute nirvana. The first playoff game I saw was Toronto against Milwaukee in 2017. Round 1, Game 6. Raptors one to eliminate the Bucks; damn, maybe I'm a bad luck charm.

Giannis didn't play horribly but he didn't play like an MVP, either. He was getting clamped pretty good by Raptors defenders and they did an excellent job cutting off his driving lanes the entire game. Kris Middleton only had four points, which was an anomaly, but added in 10 boards and 10 assists; seeing a triple-double in the ECF would've been awesome. Even though the Bucks didn't win, it was still crazy. Hopefully I can make it back for another playoff series in the future and who knows, maybe Hunter will pay for me to go to the Finals?

Drake claps back at the Bucks

Oh, man... not again! Drake has dominated headlines during this series and last night provided even more Drake-Bucks drama. Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said that Drake's sideline antics, which included heckling Giannis, were "disrespectful", and he's not the only one to think so. Personally, I love it. He's doing what any of us would do if we had the means to sit that close every game. Next to Kawhi, Drake is probably the face of the Raptors. He's the first person I think of when I think of Toronto and he's played a major role in bringing the Raptors to the forefront.

The woman next to Aaron Rodgers is one of the Bucks' co-owner's daughter. We all know what happened with Pusha and Drake this summer so I'm not going to dive into that, but it's a clear shot at Drake and as he said on his IG story, "All is fair in love and war". Drake retaliated by making her his Instagram profile picture and to top it off, this interview of Drake discussing the Raptors and his fandom was released. Watch that video, do yourself a favor. I'm not going to accuse Drake of taking any white, illicit substances beforehand but I'm definitely not going to rule it out.

And if you're one of the people complaining about Drake on the sideline, get over yourself. It adds a new element of fun to the game and you damn well know you'd do the same thing. I know I already said that but I'm tired of grumpy ass people trying to make everything "professional" all the time. It's literally a game.


Young Thug, Travis Scott, and J. Cole drop new track, "The London"

I need to listen to it more but my first reaction was "underwhelming". I'm not going to get super deep into it because again, I'm not that well-versed in music, but here's my thoughts on Travis' latest features:

Ignore how I text, it's nothing like how I sound. J.Cole was definitely the strongest of the three; I'll report back with updated thoughts in a bit.