MARTIAN'S MINUTE: June 7, 2019

No video intro today. I'm going back to the drawing board to spice up the intros. I don't want to type a super long one, so let's just get right into it today.


Brooklyn clears up cap space for two max slots

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It's officially Woj bomb season! The NBA is the best league in sports because it's evolved into a year-round ordeal. With the league getting more dramatic by the day, reports are constantly fluttering in to Twitter about who was with who at the club last night and certainties about where players are signing (that seems to change literally every day). After years of no assets and general depression, the Brooklyn Nets are back in the spotlight. D'Angelo Russell nabbed his first All-Star selection en route to Brooklyn's first playoff appearance since 2015 and despite getting beaten pretty badly by Philly in round one, the future is looking bright.

D'Lo is a restricted free agent so the Nets can match any offer another team gives him, but after yesterday's trade, they have enough cap space to sign a max player and retain D'Lo or renounce his rights and sign two max guys. The clearcut top-two targets for Brooklyn are going to be Kyrie Irving, who has serious interest in BKN according to Woj, and Kevin Durant, who has been linked to New York since the beginning of the season. Other targets could include Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, Kris Middleton, and much, much more! Kawhi is going to be a free agent but I think he either goes to the Clippers or signs a one or two-year max with Toronto, similar to what KD has been doing with Golden State.

I'd like to see a lineup of Kyrie, Caris LaVert, Joe Harris, KD, and Jarrett Allen. The additions of Kyrie and KD would surely get them to a top-three seed in the East, and depending on how Milwaukee and Toronto's off-seasons pan out, they could certainly claim the top spot. If they can't get KD, bringing back D'Lo is a great option. I love him in Brooklyn and think he really thrives with the environment and the fans, but it'd also be cool to see him team up with Victor Oladipo in Indiana or KAT in Minnesota. The Jazz have been tossed in the max, but would he really go to Utah? I have a tough time seeing it but who knows. I might fuck with the Bulls tossing him an offer sheet, how clean would D'Lo look in a Bulls uni? Yeah, I'm bought into D'Lo on the Bulls. I've convinced myself.


Future dropped SAVE ME last night and men across the nation are in their feelings

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He's done it again. Future dropped his seven track album SAVE ME last night and it delivered everything promised and more. The emotions start flaring the second "XanaX Damage" starts and keep escalating until they reach their culmination with "Love Thy Enemies" (my personal favorite track). It was mentioned in the Burbs GC, aka the most toxic environment on the planet, that it was listed as R&B/Soul, and as Evan Linden said, "I'd be fully okay if Future transitioned into a drug addicted R&B star".

I haven't listened on repeat because a man needs his sleep, but I'll have more thoughts in our upcoming digest on the album.


JR Smith and Al Harrington lobby for marijuana legalization in NY

(Link to original SI article.) New York's legislators are deciding on whether or not to legalize marijuana in the state, and two former Knicks decided to make their way up to the state capital of Albany to help push for legalization.

Al Harrington, who has been an advocate and distributor of medical marijuana products, and JR Smith spoke in favor of legalizing marijuana. Harrington told Bernadette Hogan and Ebony Bowden of the New York Post he and Smith have "expertise" in medical and recreational weed and wanted to see the black community taken care of with potential new legislation.

Harrington operates the cannabis brand Viola, which he hopes to one day sell for $1 billion. Smith was suspended five games in 2013, reportedly for testing positive for marijuana. So both provide unique views on the topic. (Khadrice Rollins, SI)

Obviously the JR pot jokes will fly with this as they have for years, but I found this pretty cool. It's no secret that pro athletes enjoy the benefits of pot but get in trouble for indulging (if they get caught). NBA commish Adam Silver has mentioned that he'd be open to allowing medical marijuana use so it's encouraging to see current and former players trying to lessen the stigma around it. These guys work their asses off on the court, they should be able to come home and roll something up to celebrate a victory or lessen the sting of a loss with some good old classic herb. With Illinois being the latest state to legalize pot for recreational use, I can see New York not being too far behind. Federal legalization would be nice, but I don't think the asshats running the ship are smart enough to even send a text.