MARTIAN'S MINUTE: June 5, 2019

My dumbass thought the mic was on. Even listened back to it like four times because not only am I a narcissist, but also a perfectionist. Things really do sound a lot better of the mids and since there's almost no shot I'm going downstairs to hop back in the studio and re-record, you'll get a crisper intro tomorrow. One step at a time!


Wow, Chernobyl is terrifying

The HBO binge continues and Chernobyl was next on the list. I didn't get a chance to talk about the Big Little Lies finale in yesterday's Minute; I won't spoil anything but I loved it. I kind of saw it coming but the way everything got tied up at the end was super satisfying. If these women weren't fucked up before, I can only imagine how they're gonna be in season two. I'm only one episode into Chernobyl and holy shit is it terrifying. It's not scary in the traditional sense of the word but more so due to the fact that the whole situation was so grossly mishandled. When the reactor core blew up (or melted, I'm still kind of confused on that), it was clear that the radiation was thoroughly bodying everyone in its sight. Workers were instantly puking, having their faces turn red, and just straight up dying after the core disaster and the air was literally glowing; probably not a good sign. There were a few instances in which characters remarked about tasting metal in their mouths which is a side effect of radiation exposure, so it'll be interesting to see how many people were truly effected by it.

I still have four episodes left (it's a five episode mini-series) and I can't believe there's so much government and corporate negligence to still unfold. Officials were denying that a core could've exploded and said people would be fine even after watching them start to melt right in front of them. I'm no expert, but that seems like poor leadership to me. In all honesty I'll probably finish the whole thing today so I might just report back tomorrow with my full review.

Just had this thought, if we started an HBO pod would you guys listen? Big Little Lies, Euphoria, eventually Succession. LMK.


Future announces SAVE ME (June 7)

Yeah, I'm down. Am I the only one or has rap been just alright this year in terms of album drops? IGOR was obviously incredible, Pivot Gang's You Can't Sit With Us is one of my favorite releases of the year, and DaBaby blew up, but I don't know, I just don't find myself going back a lot. Then again, I don't really know anything about music and don't want my musical opinions taken as "journalistic" or overtly serious; I'm just a guy who likes how things sound. OK, whatever, you don't care.

Future dropped a snippet on Instagram a few days ago for "Xanax Damage" and it's looking like this album is going to leave me crying in the mirror. I was a fan of The Wizrd and it's rare that Future puts out anything bad. He's one of those artists that knows how to pump out gas and I'm all for another album, especially at the beginning of summer. Like I literally just said, it seems almost evident that this is going to lead directly to a case of summertime sadness but a good Future-induced emotional cleanse is healthy for the soul. There's not much more I can really add so I'll get back with my thoughts on the album Friday morning, I'll most definitely listen to this right when it drops.

Fuck you, Rob.