MARTIAN'S MINUTE: June 3, 2019

It's the first Minute of June. It's (almost) officially summertime and I am feeling the solstice spirit; I ordered a candle and some coasters on Amazon. I even bought some plastic tupperware (what a dumb word) for the gas chicken I cooked up today. Seasoned the shit out of it, coated it with hand-squeezed lemon juice, and had myself a time. Might have to order a tie-dye shirt and fully embrace the relaxation of summer. Where can I get a natural tan in Iowa City?


The Warriors tie up the Finals behind Boogie and Draymond's hefty performances

That game was... kind of gross? Golden State pulled off a 109-104 victory to tie the series (1-1) against the Raptors. Aside from a 18-0 run to start the second-half, the Warriors didn't necessarily play great but were better than Toronto at the end of the day. Klay Thompson, who would eventually go down with a hamstring injury, was lights out from the field, putting up 25 points on 10-17 shooting (4-6 from three). Fellow Splash Bro Steph Curry, rumored to be "sick", added 23 (6-17 FG) after taking his sweet time to get going.

Boogie Cousins, the recipient of a measly eight minutes in Game 1, was the neutralizer the Warriors needed in this close victory. In 28 minutes, Boogie put up 11 points, 10 boards, and six assists; Finals MVP-worthy, in my opinion. At times he looked a bit slow, and he's clearly heftier than usual, but he's coming off what was a potentially detrimental injury. I'm just glad to see Boogie getting any Finals minutes but him performing as well as he can in the time he's given is a gift from the Basketball Gods. It felt like Boogie was destined to never reach the playoffs for a while and yeah, he's on the best team ever assembled, but still. If you don't enjoy watching Boogie shuffle that heft around in the Finals, you're a boring asshole. Was that harsh? Good. Boogie is perfect.

If Golden States win, which I think they will, is Draymond going to get Finals MVP? He almost put up his fourth-straight triple-double (17 points, nine rebounds, 10 assists) and is clearly the glue holding this team together. He's always been the quiet MVP of the Warriors and if they were to come out of the series on top, it'd make sense to reward him. Steph is still in search of his first FMVP but he's not shooting well enough to take it home. Maybe next year?

As you can see above, the Raptors were rubbish (lmao) aside from Kawhi. This is the polar opposite of Game 1. Everyone on the Raps filled their roles in the series opener but dialed it back tonight, most notably Pascal Siakam. If Toronto is going to win this series, they have to do it as a team. They don't have the ability to rely on multiple Hall of Famers; Kawhi can't do this by himself. Toronto shot 37% as a team, but had like 20-something second-chance points. Ideally you score on the first attempt but things don't always go according to plan. Game 3 should be a good one; I'm expecting Golden State to feed off their home energy and snatch the series lead.


Ford v. Ferrari trailer

I'm not much of a car guy, unless we're talking 2007 Toyota Camry XLEs (fuck, I miss you, Mila), but this looks sick. Matt Damon, Christian Bale, and Jon Berenthal whipping around trying to beat a Ferrari with a Ford? Sure. Count me in. Christian Bale has established himself as a must-see actor and when you add other big names and a director like James Mangold (Walk the Line), it becomes an event. Vice was alright and honestly felt like a rehashing of The Big Short with Dick Cheney, but Bale was so convincing in the role that it kept it entertaining.

It feels like it's been a while since I've seen a Matt Damon movie. Let me check his IMDB real quick. It was Jason Bourne, which was a snoozefest. In between that and this, he was in The Great Wall, which means he must have really wanted a new beach house. Who thought that movie was a good idea? I remember all the controversy that came with it; how do studios not anticipate people getting mad about casting white guys in movies set in ancient China and such? They just never learn apparently. It looks like this is going to be a nice bounce-back for Damon and a continuation of greatness for Bale.