MARTIAN'S MINUTE: June 24, 2019

Where do the days go? I'm going to be be deprived of studio space for a few days starting Thursday so hopefully I can figure out a video intro before then. Will I actually? Who knows.

It's already 5? Time really does fly when you're not doing anything. It's probably a waste of time to post this at this point, but whatever. Hopefully like three people read this.


Kyrie and KD have reportedly met not once, but twice, to discuss playing together

If you listen to The Fro and The Flow, and I don't know why you wouldn't, then you know that I've been calling this for months. It probably started around February. The KD-to-New York rumors were really starting to ramp up and it was evident that Kyrie wasn't happy in Boston. There were videos of them talking at the All-Star Game which were of course dissected more than a pig fetus in a high school biology class, but the Knicks have never made sense as a destination for either of them (at least to me). Ignore the sensationalist headlines and think about it logically: why would two of the league's most popular superstars leave world-class organizations for one of, if not the worst, run organizations in the league? If either of them are going to New York, they're headed for Brooklyn. The Nets managed to turn one of the worst trades ever into a playoff team in the span of a few short years, plus their front office has proven to be one of the smarter in the NBA. Sure, bringing on Kyrie would mean letting "homegrown" All-Star D'Angelo Russell walk, but if you can potentially sign two champions, it's a sacrifice you have to make.

As with every NBA rumor, I don't know the validity. It wouldn't surprise me if they were meeting to discuss playing together; other players definitely do it, too. I'm all about KD and Kyrie teaming up, even with KD likely sitting out the entire 2019-20 season. Brooklyn has a lot of nice pieces in Jarrett Allen, Joe Harris, and Caris LeVert, among others, and the addition of KD and Kyrie would bring other veterans along to go chase a ring. IF they sign with Brooklyn, they become instant contenders, especially with the league being so open next season and potentially beyond. I'm so fucking sick of typing that sentence.


Big Little Lies was incredible as always but Euphoria doesn't have me hooked (yet)

We switched it up and started with Euphoria last night and it certainly helped end the night on a lighter note. As the title says, I'm not fully bought in to Euphoria yet. The show is beautiful to look at and a lot of the actors are giving great performances, but I just feel like it's trying to be too shocking. It's a heavy show, and last night had a lot of shocking moments, but I think the episodes are too long which makes some of the scenes feel played out and some of the *gasp* moments unnecessary. I'm not a writer/director/producer/actor so I really have no space to critique. I think the show has a ton of potential. Zendaya is killing it as Rue and they're taking her character down a wi