MARTIAN'S MINUTE: June 21, 2019

It's officially summer (and also my dad's birthday, shoutout Dad) and I can't think of a more Midwest way to ring in the new season than with cold temperatures and a ton of rain. I've gotta get out of this part of America ASAP, it's just so... yucky. (First word that popped into my head, sue me.) I'll be in California in a few weeks and honestly I'm not entirely sure if I'm gonna come back or not. I might have to post up in a beachside shack and sell dime bags of mids to high schoolers while honing my craft as a skateboarder until I get a sponsorship from DC and my own MTV show. What? A man can dream.

Yeah, I guess this was just my "Draft Special" even though I didn't go that in-depth. It's Friday, my brain is turned off. I'm more focused on not shitting myself after eating a massive burrito at 1AM; it's been a rough morning.


Players got drafted last night at the Draft

One hell of a header, huh #Martian4Pullitzer? Anyways, the NBA Draft was last night and it mostly went according to plan. The first three picks (Zion, Ja Morant, and RJ Barrett) were known going into the draft and besides a few slips and trades, I don't think anything was really out of the ordinary. I'm also far from a draft expert so instead of trying to say "Oh, I was surprised by this" or "I thought this guy was going to go here", I'm just going to post a picture of all the first-round selections:

The Bulls drafted North Carolina guard Coby White with the seventh pick and I'm all in. Based on post-draft interviews, he seems like he's going to be a great fit in the locker room and it's clear that he's ready to put in the work necessary to get the Bulls back to the playoffs. Jim Boylen has seemingly learned a lot after his tumultuous first weeks as head coach but it really seems like the players and front office are fully behind him, and Coby made it clear he wants to play under him. Plus, his name's Coby. He's definitely bringing the Mamba Mentality with him. I'm a big fan of the Bulls starting lineup heading into the season: Coby, Zach LaVine, Otto Porter Jr., Lauri Markkanen, and Wendell Carter Jr., with Kris Dunn as the sixth man. It's a super young core, the youngest in the league, but with an Eastern Conference that could be getting a lot weaker if a few stars head West, maybe the playoffs could be in sight. An eighth-seed, perhaps. I'm just tired of all this losing, especially after being spoiled at the beginning of my fandom. Hopefully we can get some veteran leadership over the offseason to kind of hold everything together, and I'm really hoping that Lauri can be a 20-10 guy next season and potentially make the All-Star team; maybe LaVine, too.

How crazy that Bol Bol dropped to 44th? I really thought he was going to go late lottery, maybe in the 20s, but he just kept falling. I was hoping the Bulls would take him in the second round because why not, but he ended up getting drafted by the Heat who would in-turn trade him to Denver. The Nuggets now have two guys who dropped due to health concerns (Michael Porter Jr. and Bol) and if they're able to shake off injuries and perform at a high level, then the Nuggets will have a nice core moving forward.