MARTIAN'S MINUTE: June 20, 2019

Yeah, a new cover image. I did it. I delivered on something I said I was going to do, talk about personal progress. It took me literally five minutes which means I could easily update it every day but we're going to start here and work towards higher levels of productivity.


Draft Night is upon us

Tonight, the offseason begins. While this draft class is being called a "five player draft", you never know who the hidden gems are going to be so keep an eye on who your favorite team picks. I saw something on Twitter this morning that the Raptors are the first team (maybe ever?) in a while to not have a single lottery pick play during their championship run, which is super impressive. The top picks don't always pan out, but a few guys that are getting drafted tonight are going to be stars. The New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies, and New York Knicks own the first three picks and it seems as if their picks are all but locked in: Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, and RJ Barrett. The Pelicans also own the fourth pick but it's been rumored to be involved in trade talks with multiple teams, most notably the Washington Wizards. That pick for Bradley Beal? Pound it, David Griffin. The top three teams will be netting players that will send their futures in the right direction, especially New Orleans. Zion, Lonzo, BI, Jrue Holiday, and Josh Hart? That's going to be a fun team. Memphis is going to pair Ja Morant alongside their 2018 pick, Jaren Jackson Jr., and they should form a young, exciting duo that will surely move Memphis out of the "Grit n Grind" era. While the Knicks are getting an exciting prospect in RJ, they're still the Knicks so it wouldn't shock me at all if they just wind up wasting his career.

I'm hoping that my team, the Bulls, strike gold for the third straight season. The last three drafts we've had the seventh pick and have netted Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr., and the last piece we're missing in our starting lineup is a point guard, so I'm hoping we can get Coby White or Darius Garland. The Bulls' front office is usually hailed as incompetent but for all their shortcomings, GarPax usually drafts well.

If I'm being honest, I don't know much about college basketball so that's about as in-depth as I can get. I'm really hoping for some trades tonight because I want this offseason to go off the rails as quickly as possible and it'll spice up a draft that I have limited knowledge of.

Space Jam 2 cast announced

This could classify as "Film" but whatever. I'm a fan of this cast and I'm excited to see what other players pop up and make cameos. I really hope Harden makes an appearance, he's one of the best commercial actors in the league. Space Jam is obviously a classic and I'm going to be in the theater day one for the sequel. LeBron put his acting chops on display in Trainwreck and it'll be interesting to see how he's able to lead an entire film. It's obviously not going to be gunning for any Oscars and if you're going into it with sky-high (how I'm gonna be in the theater) expectations, you're going to set yourself up for disappointment. It's not coming out for two more years (July 16, 2021) which means they should have time to nail it, but like most things in sports and entertainment, we're just gonna have to wait and see.


I watched Skyscraper last night and all I can say is "oof"

Lennox and I watched this for some reason last night and wow, it was tough. Ten minutes in I was already beyond confused, and I'm sure the sprinkling of keef didn't help, but this was tough to get through. We kept acknowledging just how bad it was throughout the entirety of the movie but powered through it. The whole plot is still so, so confusing to me because there isn't a "Why". I don't know. It's breaking my brain trying to remember exactly what happened. I think I somehow got dumber watching it and now I'm scared that somehow The Rock is going to read this and beat the shit out of me with his prosthetic leg from the movie.