MARTIAN'S MINUTE: June 17, 2019

So, you know how I was going to have that new intro? Yeah, I've gotta work the next two mornings which means I have to crank these out as fast as possible when I wake up. I've yet to really discover what I'm good at, maybe it's false hope. That being said, happy Monday!


AD is (finally) a Laker

first of many woj bombs this summer

It finally happened! The AD trade request fiasco dominated headlines around the All-Star break and trade deadline this season, and with the offseason just starting and the draft approaching quickly, they started to rev up again. LeBron is turning 35 in December and while I'd still consider him the best player in the league, his window to win another title is starting to close. I'd like to think it's two to three years. The youth around him, especially Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, was promising but he has to win now, so acquiring a top-4 (?) talent in AD was a necessary move. With the injuries to Klay and KD during the Finals that are supposed to keep them out for pretty much the entirety of next season and the vast uncertainty surrounding a number of top-talent free agents, the Western Conference seems wide-open for the taking.

LA now only has five players under contract heading into the offseason so this gives them a chance to completely build a new roster around LeBron and AD. They kept Kyle Kuzma, a solid young scorer with a cheap contract, and should be in a prime position to sign a big name. I'm really hoping that Kyrie Irving decides to re-join LeBron and get a few more rings, but things won't start unfolding for two more weeks. I need the season to start now. Also, hopefully the Lakers can sign shooters, unlike last year.

The Pelicans are about to be one of the most fun teams in the league. Jrue Holiday and Lonzo are going to be a nightmare defensively, and Zo tossing lobs to Zion is going to be biblical. I'm still convinced that BI is going to be an All-Star caliber player and I'm excited to see how the former young Lakers unfold on their own team in NOLA.


HBO Sunday nights are a one-two punch

As I've already mentioned, Big Little Lies is my favorite show on TV right now. Last night's episode kind of tore just about every character's lives apart, so waiting a full week for the next one feels like torture. The writers have done an awesome job so far taking the Monterey 5's storylines in new directions without any previous material to rely on, and Meryl Streep continues to grow more mysterious, and terrifying, by the scene as Mary Louise. If you want to hear more in-depth thoughts on BLL, make sure to tune into Big Little Gas, our pod on the show.

Following BLL was the series premiere of Euphoria, created by Sam Levinson and starring Zendaya. It follows Rue, a teenage addict who has just returned home from rehab following an overdose, and her classmates, which includes Jules, a transgender girl who just moved to the suburbs; Nate, a football player with a lot of rage; Kat, who is influenced by her more "popular" friends to explore her sexuality; Maddy, Nate's ex-girlfriend who is seemingly trying to make him jealous; Chris, Nate's best friend who seems to be the most level-headed character so far; Cassie, Maddy and Kat's friend who is seemingly the most rebellious; and Fezco, Rue's drug dealer and friend who's clearly concerned about her relapse.

Caught up on characters? Cool. It's a heavy show. It tackles drug abuse, sex, bullying, social media, and the problems that plague modern teens. Honestly, it's the most accurate representation of teenage life in 2019 I've ever seen. Levinson said that this show was going to "freak some parents the fuck out", and after the premiere, he's most definitely right. It's shot beautifully and the soundtrack is so far, so good, and even though there are a lot of character arcs to follow, the hour-long runtime should help them all come together over the duration of the season. Zendaya delivers a performance that should put her on some early nominations list, and Hunter Schafer (Jules) is primed to be one of the breakout stars of the summer. Although I've never seen it because I don't want to fall into a deep depression (I'm going to get to it eventually), it feels like a mix of Harmony Korine's highly-controversial Kids and Jonah Hill's Mid90s with an obvious modern twist. It pulls back the curtain completely and holds literally nothing back. The first episode was pretty all-encompassing in terms of material covered, so the rest of the nine-episode season is sure to get heavier. BLL can already be daunting enough but following it immediately after with Euphoria? Sheesh, I'm gonna need a therapist on stand-by.