MARTIAN'S MINUTE: July 5, 2019

Yesterday was the Fourth of July and I didn't do a damn thing, which is how all holidays should be celebrated. Got a visit to Iowa City from The Real Bros so like usual, we just hung around and took a few naps. I started the day off with a hearty breakfast consisting of Sweet and Spicy Doritos and approximately 200 Skittles. Maybe there was a little grass mixed in but I'm not here to incriminate myself. Lunchtime came around and even though most restaurants were closed to celebrate the Declaration of Independence, trusty McDonald's was open; the perfect American establishment. 20 nuggets and a double cheeseburger later, I was ready for my first nap of the day. After that, everything is kind of a blur. Eventually it was time for bed and when I woke up today, wow, I felt like garbage. Maybe I should've eaten less Skittles.


Kawhi decision coming soon?

Kawhi is taking his time to deliver a decision on where he'll be playing next year and I think it's safe to say that it's driving everyone off the walls. He's the only top-tier free agent to have not signed a deal but it's speculated that an announcement should come soon. Fox Sports analyst Cris Carter has been pretty active with reporting Kawhi info and tweeted this morning that he expects Kawhi to make a decision today. Carter believes that Kawhi is going to end up with the Lakers, aka a dream come true. If he goes back to Toronto, they're the instant Finals favorites. If he heads home to LA, the Lakers are easily the top choice to win it all. This decision has the potential to send seismic waves through the NBA (too soon with the earthquake joke?) so hopefully we hear something soon. I can't wait to root for the Lakers superteam after being pissed about the Warriors' dominance for years. There's nothing more fun than being a hypocrite, you never lose.

I don't know what else to put, watch Kobe's last game

Bob put this on yesterday to make me cry and it almost worked. I've gotten to the point now where I can avoid being emotional when it starts approaching the end, but damn, what a performance. Kobe's last game was an emotional rollercoaster for myself and many others across the world so it's nice to relive it from time to time. I think if he were to come out of retirement and re-join the Lakers for one last ride and a chance to tie Jordan, he'd probably average 54.9 points per game on around 83% shooting. Call it wishful thinking. I call it optimistic realism.


Watch this video

It's an all-time video and I've been back on the Bronson grind the last few days. Enjoy this, it's art.