MARTIAN'S MINUTE: August 15, 2019

This will probably be another short, tossed together (and admittedly not-so-great) entry in Minute history, but I have to go put in six hours in bread-and-meat hell. Tomorrow's upload might look a little, or really, different. The cover image you've come to grow and tolerate? Gone; changed. The name of the series? Might be a bit shortened. A video intro? Just might have to do it. This will be the last iteration of the Minute as you know it.

*whispers* Are people still reading these or am I just talking to myself? Is my schizophrenia (spelled that right on the first try) advancing quicker than I thought? Who's paranoid? You are, not me.


Team USA loses to G Leaguers in scrimmage

Shoutout r/nba for constantly providing me with things to talk about.

Remember yesterday when I said that I was fully behind Team USA's current roster ahead of the FIBA World Cup? I still am, but this certainly didn't elevate my hopes for gold. The team is currently a collection of fringe-to-underrated stars (Kris Middleton, Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum, De'Aaron Fox) and respected, solid veterans (Brook Lopez, Harrison Barnes, PJ Tucker), and while they're likely the best squad in the world, they aren't the ultra-deep collection of Hall of Famers we've been accustomed to seeing over the last few decades.

During this scrimmage, the main team obviously played horribly. People can easily jump on the "they lost to G League guys" bandwagon, but it's important to remember just how good G Leaguers are at basketball. Those guys are the second-best of the best. Some of them are right on the cusp of making NBA rosters, and some will even split time between the NBA and G League on two-way deals. They've been chosen to go up against the main roster for a reason: they'll challenge them because they're hungry; they have something to prove. I'm sure the guys on the G League squad genuinely believe that they could play for Team USA and win gold and when they get a chance to go up against the guys who actually get the chance, they probably want to beat down on them so bad. It's also a scrimmage; I doubt everyone was taking it super seriously.

If anything, hopefully this was a wakeup call for Team USA. The NBA has become such an international game that Team USA is going to be going up against their peers in multiple games, some of whom, like Giannis, are super hungry for the gold that the US has held onto for so long. Team USA member Marcus Smart spoke up after the loss, calling it "embarrassing", so hopefully he can rally his team and keep the gold medal in sight.


Petition emerges calling for Joe Rogan to moderate the 2020 presidential debates

I think I've mentioned it before, but I have a love-hate relationship with politics. I'm genuinely fascinated by our political landscape and American history and follow the election cycles, but I concurrently despise just about everyone and everything involved with the political system. 2016 was the first time I could closely follow an election; what a shit show. It feels as if the 2020 cycle kicked off the second Trump was inaugurated and it's been a whole new mess in itself. There's something like 9,000 Democrats running to oppose Trump in the 2020 primaries and two debates have been held so far, with a third scheduled for next month. Both of them have been awful; the way they're formatted doesn't allow candidates to elaborate on their policy ideas and leads to two hours of bickering and further separation amongst voters.

Enter Joe Rogan. I saw this pop up the other day and it really caught my eye. I'm a big fan of the Joe Rogan Experience. I love the incredibly diverse cast of interviewees he brings on, and I've actually learned a lot listening to it. In a time of heightened partisanship, Rogan brings on people from both sides, in turn exposing multiple viewpoints about current issues to millions of listeners and viewers. The best episodes are with his comedian friends like Tom Segura and Joey Diaz; I've never laughed harder at something than Uncle Joey telling stories.

While I find it highly unlikely that Rogan would agree to moderate any sort of debate, I think all candidates should make a stop to his studio on the campaign trail. A few months ago I was introduced to Democratic candidate Andrew Yang through the podcast; he's currently my favorite in the race. I'm going to clarify I'm not loyal to either party; registered independent here. Fuck the establishment, man! Yang entered the race as a severe underdog, and still is, but since his appearance on JRE, he's become a somewhat-viable candidate and has recently qualified for the September debates. Last week, Bernie Sanders was on and it was massive. People, including myself, have dismissed Bernie for his bold ideas like universal healthcare and free college (great ideas, but how viable), but I've never really had a chance to hear him explain things fully. Rogan's podcast allows people to expound on their thoughts and give people a feel for the person running for office. The debates give candidates like thirty seconds to explain what they think about global interventionism or gun control; you need a lot more time, which is exactly what Rogan provides.

I like talking about politics; I think it'll get inserted into the Minute more. I'll be clear about my biases and open about my thoughts. #YangGang