The 27 Club: Ranking The New Generation of NFL Quarterbacks

Aside from the immortal and everlasting Tom Brady, the 2019 NFL season's primary concentration and attention grabber is the young quarterback revolution taking place right in front of our hopeful eyes. Finally, the rest of the league has something to look forward to if they don't have a Brady, Rodgers, Brees, or Wilson as their signal-caller. As the Ben Roethlisbergers and Eli Mannings of the world descend into injury limbo and deserved backup roles, the modern generation of young gunners are taking advantage of their first time in the brightest of spotlights.

This past Sunday featured 21 starting quarterbacks under the age of 27, and a lot of these young field generals performed as if it was their 100th start opposed to their tenth, or even first in some magical circumstances.

Below is a ranking of the league's best young quarterbacks which will be updated semi-regularly throughout the rest of the NFL season.

The 27 Club

The Uglies

22. Luke Falk (24 years old)

2019 Season Stats: 296 YDS, 0 TD/1 INT, 76.2 QBR

Honestly, I feel bad for both myself, you (the reader), the Jets, and Luke Falk for having to include him on this list. Poor guy. He probably just wanted to be a backup quarterback for his entire young adult life, make his money, and retire happily with a few M's in the bank account. But because Darnold and Siemian have experienced rather odd injuries (mono, and an ankle fracture), his number has been called and he's had to play for one of the worst franchises in football.

For more on the Jets, scroll down to #17 on this list (if there are any of you out there who actually enjoy reading about the Jets aside from my dear friend Connor Lagrone).

21. Josh Rosen (22 years old)

2019 Season Stats: 302 YDS, 0 TD/2 INT, 45.3 QBR

Remember when Josh Rosen dropped to like the middle of the first round of the NFL Draft last year, and he came out with this public statement that basically said everybody's going to regret passing up on him with their draft pick? Yeah, me too. And now look at him, he's throwing the football for a team named the Dolphins. If you haven't heard, the most embarrassing thing about the Dolphins isn't even the fact that their team name is the Dolphins, but is the fact that they've lost their first three games by a total of 133-16.

Rosen got his first career start as a Dolphin on Sunday, and he honestly didn't have the worst game ever. He wasn't good by any means, but some of the balls he tossed looked relatively decent in comparison to the rest of the football franchise located in Miami. He has some good velocity on a fair share of his balls, and I think it's fair to say that he probably won't be playing there next season when they have the first pick in the draft and presumably draft Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama.

The Underwhelmers