• burbsraro

"Mad Friendly" - Mosa

If there was one up-and-coming artist that I could pick out to have the clearest vision for 2021, it would be Mosa. The Boston-raised and Houston-based artist further solidified himself in the game with his latest drop “Mad Friendly.

In 2018, Mosa moved to Houston after building a working relationship with the Prince family. Jas Prince, who discovered Aubrey Graham before we knew him as Drake, officially signed Mosa. Fresh off of a recent drop “Styrofoam,” produced by the legendary Mike Dean, as well as an EP entitled Sheesh, Mosa gives us another song bound to blow your speakers out.

“Mad Friendly” is a song where Mosa reminds his fans that he’s a different breed. Mosa explains to us that gaining more recognition is great and all, but it comes with a lot of adversity; in the words of The Notorious B.I.G., “Mo Money Mo Problems.” In the song, Mosa raps that “Mr. Rogers ran my shit back three times,” referencing his previous song “Styrofoam,” which is making tidal waves throughout Houston clubs and racking up numbers across streaming services. Keep your eyes peeled for Mosa “The Kid” and his journey.

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