Mac Miller's Estate Releases First Posthumous Single "Good News"

Mac Miller's Circles was intended to be the oop to Swimming's alley, but his shocking and devastating death in September of 2018 made the reality of the release seem impossible. That impossibility became a reality a few days ago when his family and estate announced that the project Mac had nearly finished prior to his passing would be released on January 17.

The first single off of Circles, "Good News" is a breath of meditative fresh air. The newly released single's laid-back instrumental carries the cathartic momentum from Swimming, and allows Mac a safe space to detail a newly formed sense of optimism.

While the song concentrates on the expectations that other people once held against Mac (for him to release happy-go-lucky music, instead of what was honest for himself), Mac still finds a way to deliver a song that would play picture perfectly in the background of a picnic.

That's what ultimately makes the track so heartbreaking; the positivity in the lyrics in combination the horrific fate that one of our generation's most talented and innately human artists suffered. Check out the beautiful and aesthetically dreamy video for the new single below, and make sure to give the album a listen on January 17.