Listen To Homecoming - Papichuloteej's Newest Project

Las Vegas pop-artist Papichuloteej released Homecoming this past week, his newest project featuring a pair of hypnotic, dream-pop singles. This is his first release since his three separate collaborations with Oh That’s Filthy earlier this year, as well as “Stars Align,” a wavy, melodic record with Gabby Trinh.

Homecoming features two tracks: “Do Better,” an undeniably catchy sing-a-long that sees the Vegas musician’s powerful, scaling voice run parallel to a set of beautifully composed string chords. The second track, “Burn in the Sun,” sees Papichuloteej reflecting on a one-sided relationship through echoey vocals and natural acoustics. This song's resonance speaks to his crooning of days past with a significant other. “Sticks and stones don’t break till they do,” he exclaims.

The young, multi-faceted artist has carved out a lane for himself in Las Vegas; a city that has proved difficult to form a scene outside of the superstars and cover-artists that congest the strip. This, however, is one of Papichuloteej’s objectives as an artist - to help spearhead a community of ambitious, creative musicians in the Vegas area. He tells us this and more in an interview earlier this year.

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