Lil Benzy Releases Four New Singles

Rising New Jersey star Lil Benzy, co-founder of Aktive Records, has returned with four new heaters to help us cope with social distancing.

"Gossip Freestyle"

This one is special - Benzy floats over a soulful sample with impressive ease.

"Gossip Freestyle" showcases Benzy's confidence in his craft as well as his knack for freestyling. If this track is your first introduction to Benzy, you're gonna want to run it back a few times.


Benzy tore this one up, attacking the grimy beat with a fury. "Danger" is a ballistic banger fit for a party, workout, or any other adrenaline-boosting occasion.

"Keep Up"

"Keep Up" is one of Benzy's catchiest tracks to-date, full of flexes and icy bars. Benzy's confidence is nearly tangible through this track.

"Story Time"

"Story Time" will reel you in right away thanks to its comedic samples from The Office as well as an infamous Kobe Bryant and Kanye West interaction. It only gets better from there - Benzy did his thing on this one. This track is easily one of his best yet.

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