Life is Drain - SoloCelo

Cover by Steven Nunez and Alex Blankets

SoloCelo delivers. The 19 year old Chicago based artist and ETP (Exit the Premises) member just released his third project since his first release in 2018 titled “SoloCelo”. The 14 track project has bangers from front to back. “Life Is Drain” the title of the project is in reference to the original slang Exit The Premises (ETP) coined; drain, a word used to describe an unfavorable, unfair or otherwise unpleasant person, place, thing or situation.

Celo’s punchlines are always top tier, and never miss. He is able to consistently make catchy tracks and flows that you will always be safe playing on the aux with your friends. “Life is Drain” is loaded with great features from Goldenboymnny, Slumpbryce, Vell Le VillainElvy the God, DryBoy, SheGo Turbo, and Kredit. For the most part the whole tape (10 out of the 14 Tracks) is produced by Ra, a 17 year old producer from Chicago. The production is fluid throughout the whole project. 

A couple of my favorite tracks

  • No Choice (Ft. Goldenboymnny & Slumpbryce) [Prod. Che]

  • King [Prod. Ra]

  • VIP (Ft. Elvy the God) [Prod. Ra] 

In Solo’s words “’Life Is Drain’ was meant to describe trials and tribulations in general in my life. The project touches all the bases in terms of heartbreak, love, loss, and betrayal, but also confidence and playful ignorance.”

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