Kid Cudi returns to hip-hop with new single "Leader of the Delinquents"

“Hello friends, Cudder again / Gotta smack’em with some shit before the world ends.”

Hip-hop’s highest hypnotic hummer, Kid Cudi, is back with the new single “Leader of the Delinquents.” The 3-minute track is Cudder’s first solo single since 2016 when he released “Surfin’” featuring Pharrell Williams prior to his most recent full-length solo album, Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’.

Since then, KING WZRD has collaborated with Kanye West to create the memorable futuristic Kids See Ghosts, but this most recent single is perhaps the most nostalgic piece he's made in recent memory.

On his newest creation, Mr. Rager re-reveals that he still has the ability to deliver provocative and mind-bending bars. The lyrics deliver a deep dive into the depressing psyche that Cudi’s dealt with in the past (“I’ve been trapped in my mind, I’ve been tryna escape / Fame and loneliness, the recipe for disaster / I can’t handle this shit, imma get plastered”).

“Delinquents” is an instigating slapper that is reminiscent of the sound he’d curated in the late 2000s which inspired his esteemed protege, Travis Scott, to blend hip-hop and punk-alternative music into one intoxicating fusion.

In honor of KING WZRD, kick back, burn a bag, and allow Cudder to transport you to a new dimension.