'Kerwin Frost Talks,' The Internet's Best Talk Show, Returns for Season 2

Everyone has figures—whether they be an athlete or musician—that they develop a sort of infatuation with. If you're anything like me, you're constantly scrounging through numerous podcasts and profiles, itching to learn more about the people you declare yourself a fan of. In my opinion, long-form sit-down interviews are the greatest education on my favorite celebrities—especially when it feels like a recorded conversation between two old friends. There are few interviewers doing it better than Kerwin Frost, a New York-based DJ and entertainer, who recently returned with the second season of his YouTube talk show, Kerwin Frost Talks.

In the first episode of the new season, Frost sat down with musician Mac DeMarco for a ninety-minute discussion about their newfound friendship, DeMarco's career, and the late, great Mac Miller. Frost asks prepared questions, but the end project is a free-flowing conversation that invites viewers in, making it feel as if you're sitting in the room.

Kerwin Frost Talks sets itself apart from other interview programs because of how genuine Frost is. There's a gleam of excitement in his eyes that never fades during interviews, and it's apparent how much he respects and admires his subjects. Other pieces have described an "awkwardness" in the show—often due to elongated periods of silence from Frost—but many real conversations have pauses. Frost never rushes an interview or leaves a topic open-ended. There's a satisfaction that comes from Frost's interviews, because even if he's talking to a renowned star like SZA or Tyler, the Creator, you leave knowing significantly more about the artist.

It's not easy to produce "can't-miss" interviews; there are so many factors that go into it. As important as subjects are to the success of an interview, the host bears just as much responsibility. Howard Stern didn't become Howard Stern because he has a face for radio. He has an ability to draw stories from guests that they weren't planning to tell before they walked into the studio; he can make the microphones disappear. Frost has a similar talent. Take away the microphones, cameras, and post-production, and Kerwin Frost Talks becomes what every good interview should be: a raw, no holds barred heart-to-heart.