• Jon Serrano

Jesus (is King) can wait

I was just recently introduced to a podcast series by listening to Bill Simmons' podcast with Malcolm Gladwell.

Dissect is a long form album analysis and breaks it down track-by-track for individual podcast episodes. I've been meaning to listen to the series for about a week now and I'm listening to the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy season. 


Aside from it being the greatest rap album ever made (I will try to contain my bias from this point on), it's my own made up tradition to consume any Kanye West related content the night before an album release.

Jesus is King has been confirmed as the next album from Mr. West by his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, on social media. As a fan, there has been plenty of teases from the genius himself (sorry it's hard to not be bias) but when Mrs. Kardashian-West posted this content, I was curious if this was serious this time. Then Mr. West posted the screenshot on his own site and confirmed it for others and I.

This upcoming Sunday, 9/29, would've made a year if he released Yandhi (his last announced album scheduled to be release 9/29/18). Yandhi's release was to coincide with a Saturday Night Live performance but it never came. Instead what we received was a performance with Teyanna Taylor, Kid Cudi and 070 Shake.

What came after the performance was a Donald Trump-centered rant (enough has been made of his affinity for Mr. Trump so it will no longer touched upon after this point).

Mr. West flew to Uganda to finish up the album, admitting to TMZ that the album was not finished. Not a first for Mr. West and nothing new that fans haven't been put through by Mr. West. 

I waited

Fans waited and there was belief that it might come in November of 2018 after a performance at Camp Flog Gnaw with frequent collaborator, Kid Cudi, to perform their critically acclaimed (and Grammy SNUBBED) album, Kids See Ghosts.

Mr. West went to Twitter after his performance to inform me his fans of what was going on with Yandhi.

"...After performing again, I realize the new album I've been working on isn't ready yet"

Another delay...

Fans have grown accustomed 

I'm giving up my objectiveness about Kanye, it's hard to not write this from the angle of a fan.

I have grown used to Kanye delaying any and almost all projects.

Here's a list of albums and other projects delayed, put on hold or haven't received any news on since 2012:

  • Cruel Summer (G.O.O.D. Music collaboration album)

  • Yeezus Tour Movie (Theatrical Release)

  • The Life of Pablo

  • Only One Video Game

  • Ye Kids See Ghosts

  • Nasir (Kanye produced album)

  • Yandhi

Why am I bringing up delays?

There is news that Jesus is King is going to be pushed back as well.

Last year was the last time I can legitimately find myself upset over postponed project release. I have been burned out.

I profess myself to be the biggest Kanye West fan you will EVER meet (I will break out into random lyrics if you mention one word that is in the verse it for fucksakes). Kanye's (and Cudi's) music have had a profound impact on my life. 

It has helped me develop self-confidence when I was younger. 

It has helped me be able to be in touch with my feelings.

It has helped me to be comfortable with who I am.

The Life of Pablo era was his low point. He canceled his tour to check himself into a hospital for paranoia and depression and admitted being addicted to opioids during this time. Last year he told the world he suffers from bipolar disorder. Add these to the long list of hardships he has faced in the public eye and it makes you wonder if this delay has something to do with his mental health again.

Earlier this year, he started his weekly Sunday Service performances where he and others (including Tony Williams, Ant Clemons and The Samples Choir) threw on gospel renditions of his own songs. Sunday Service seems to be his own form of therapy, with Kanye proclaiming to be closer to God than he has ever been. The man that made Jesus Walks can never go to hell.

Kanye during his Sunday Service performance

If Jesus is King is pushed back, it's fine. I'm fine with it as long as my favorite (greatest) artist of all time is in a positive mind state. 

It's not just the music or sneakers I became a fan of, it's the person himself and what he was able to do for a 10-year-old kid from Queens.

It all started when that kid's mom played Jesus Walks for him trying to show him rap that isn't just about coke and birds and was more like spoken word, but Kanye was really putting it down. That kid lacked self-confidence and needed a boost to break out of his social shell. That kid has never waived on his fandom and bumps lyrics from "Poopy-di scoop,Scoop-diddy-whoop, Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop" to "mayonnaise-colored Benz, I push miracle whips," in his car.

I can wait on the music and it's the first time I can ever say that, take your time Kanye and make your 9th classic album.