KA$HDAMI- #KashDontMiss

KA$HDAMI's song “Kappin Up” blew up on Tiktok when celebrities such as Bronny James, Shareef O'Neal, Tory Lanez, Justmaiko, and many more used it in their videos. KA$HDAMI didn't let up and pushed the limits by dropping a visual for the song on Worldstar, something many 15 year olds aren't even thinking about doing. After gaining traction, KA$H dropped his long awaited 11 track debut-album '#KashDon’tMiss'. The project that released on June 12th is now available on all streaming platforms.

'KashDontMiss’ is the album that I hope will solidify me,” says KA$HDAMI. The meaning behind the title is a spin-off of a viral Twitter meme stating “He Don’t Miss,” which implies, simply put; that he can't make a bad song. Dami has teased the big drop since his song “Out Of Range” hit all platforms 3 weeks ago. Along with a few other Hvmor projects and collaborations. In past projects, his music showcased his background and trials and tribulations. KA$H continues to display this on his latest project KashDontMiss, which shows just how versatile he can be. He manages to stay authentic to his style and flow but also show promise for growth on future endeavors.

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