'The Spins' Last Week in Music: "TRUST!" - JPEGMAFIA

Since early February, our ears have been deprived of the glorious music machine that is JPEGMAFIA. Deprived might be a bit strong of a word, but every time a Peggy song drops, an everlasting hunger for his music becomes quenched for a few weeks. In the seventh edition of "Last Week in Music," Marty Gross, co-host of music podcast 'The Spins,' discusses JPEGMAFIA's most recent single, “TRUST!” for his newly-announced untitled album.

Let's get right to it: How are you feeling about the single?

I might be a little biased, but I simply don’t know if I will ever dislike a Peggy song. The guy’s quality-to-quantity output is mindblowing and on par with them Griselda boys in Buffalo. When I first heard the opening video game-like synths and dusty clive taps, I knew I was in for a treat. After the twenty-second build-up, JPEG’s verse delivers a PSA-style message about his mindset over the past few months. What makes this song so interesting is that his monotone delivery juxtaposing such an animated instrumental gives a deranged feeling and is most likely a reflection of his Twitter mindset over these past few weeks. Artistry is a lifestyle that whittles away at your psyche constantly, and JPEGMAFIA wants to show the toll it has taken on him in this song.

Do you think this single is more reminiscent of an All My Heroes Are Cornballs track, or something that would be on EP Or EP2?

As many may assume, I could see this definitely being a track off EP2! The monotone delivery in this song is very reminiscent of songs like “Keltic” or even a tamer version of “Covered in Money.”

JPEGMAFIA has teased his upcoming album and said it would be his longest in a while. Do you think this album could top Veteran or All My Heroes Are Cornballs?

If you were to ask me this question seven months ago, I would’ve said there was no way. When I first listened to EP! And EP2!, I wasn’t a hater, by any means, but I thought that the EPs were a letdown. Following constant listening to both projects, I am simply in love; they have grown on me so much. I think I just wasn’t ready for a more simplistic JPEGMAFIA. This is why music is such a beautiful thing.