JPEGMAFIA's Best Singles of 2020

Throughout 2020, there has been a lot of great music to come out. Sadly, there hasn't been a lot from our favorite artists. No Earl Sweatshirt album. No Tyler, the Creator album. No Kendrick album. No Playboi Carti album. And sadly, no JPEGMAFIA album. But, instead of a Peggy album, we were blessed with something just as good. JPEGMAFIA dropped a plethora of singles instead of an album. As we would've loved an album, these singles did not disappoint (or maybe they did). Since we are huge stans, we decided to rank these eleven singles from worst to best. So, without further ado, here is our ranking of the eleven JPEGMAFIA singles of 2020!

11) “Cutie pie!” (5/29/20)

To be completely honest, Martin and I had to fight for who did NOT have to review this song. But considering I'm writing to you all now; we all know won that. Rarely am I provoked to use the word “miss” when I’m describing a Peggy track, but this, undoubtedly, was a miss. This song will attract your attention lyrically, but beyond that, you may as well throw on a song by Mike Stud if you're looking for this level of production value. His flow is very monotone and would honestly sound better with no beat at all. A jazzy and rising guitar riff progresses alongside a consistent bass hit, but really does not do anything to keep you engaged throughout. The ending is the most attractive part of the single to me, as it jaunts you into a nice AMHAC-like randomness. Other than that, I genuinely found this to be a rare skip in the discography of Peggy. 

-Finn Askin

10) “Rough 7” (7/17/20)

Before I get into this one, know that this is coming from someone who has never heard Tommy Genesis’ music. So, I am not trying to say Tommy is a bad artist; she has a cult following and I am sure she has bright spots in her discography, but, man—her feature was atrocious. I really enjoyed the added keyboard and bass progressions throughout the track, but Tommy’s abhorrent ad-libs throughout the intro distract me from any form of enjoyment. Sadly, her verse doesn’t add anything to the table, either. Her vocal performances were very shaky and scratchy, and her lyrics were uninspiring at best. The only reason this song isn’t at the bottom is because of its great production and Peggy’s unreal performance on his verse. Maybe I am looking at Tommy through a basic lens because of my lack of knowledge about her discography, but I really did not enjoy her feature. 

-Marty Gross

9) “The Last Dance” (11/5/20)

This song really isn’t bad, but it is one of the more forgettable Peggy songs. The one thing that I really noticed in this song is that it took in a lot of influences from the other singles released. I notice a lot of the same flow and cadence as “Cutie Pie,” and the diction in the song reminds me of “Covered in Money.” The instrumental is on the weaker side in relation to JPEG's high standards, but the trumpets toward the back half of the song are a really nice addition. The instrumental kind of reminds me of something from Watch the Throne. Overall, this song isn’t the worst thing in the world, but I think it will be lost throughout Peggy’s illustrious discography (Maybe this is why it isn’t on the EP... ).