Introducing The Greatest Drake Song of All-Time Bracket

Aubrey "Drake" Graham turns 34 years old on October 24th, 2020. To celebrate the most popular yet polarizing artist in the world, our staff has come together to create a bracket of 128 songs from Drake's discography to determine which track is his very best.

It's relatively easy to determine an artist's best song when you can assemble a bracket of 16, or 32, or even 64 tracks. This task is not that simple. Drake has been releasing hits on top of hits on top of hits for a decade-plus now, and his features on other artists' tracks speak for themselves.

Drake is the LeBron James of hip-hop. He elevates everybody around him, no matter how talented or mediocre that they might be, and takes them to the Conference Finals at the very minimum. In order to determine what the best Drake song of all-time is, we're turning that responsibility over to you: the voters.

We've divided the 128 songs into 8 total brackets, with 16 songs in each bracket. We'll be releasing the voting system every weekday leading up to October 24th when we will crown the winning track.

Tune into our Twitter and/or Instagram feeds in order to keep up with the results.