Interview : Unathletic

IT is often said that we control our own destinies. We control our choices; we control where we'll end up. What we don't get to choose, however, is where we start. You can't choose to be born in the Hamptons or into royalty. This is all too familiar to Unathletic, a designer/producer out of Magnolia, Arkansas. He hasn't always resided in Magnolia, though, as he was born and raised in Texarkana, Texas. Texarkana is a small town on the border of Texas and Arkansas, with unathletic describing it as "...its own world. It's really grimy out there on both sides. It's in the top-20 most dangerous cities in the US..." Coming from a tough environment can easily lead somebody down the wrong path, but Unathletic has kept himself above, and is working to set his art apart and leave his mark.

LIKE most cities, Texarkana has "...its own little local music scene. I never fit in it, though." Fitting in is a common struggle for everyone at some point in their lives, whether it be at work, school, really wherever. Not fitting into the music scene may not have been a bad thing for Unathletic, as it allowed him to branch out with his creativity. "I do everything really from producing to graphic design... I'm also picking up photography. I started doing everything so nothing would be out of my vision." unathletic wants to encapsulate his creativity, and with such a wide range of practiced skills, he can take his art to the next level and make truly breathtaking work.

ART is nothing new to unathletic. "I grew up with music in my blood. I was hopping on drum sets at the age of two. I was in drum line throughout school but I always wanted to make actual beats. I had melodies floating in my head forever." Starting out with music young has surely helped play a role in Unathletic's current art, which is unique, and somewhat flashy in its own way. He deviates from the norm with his own vision. His album covers, clothes, and pieces are alluring and enticing to the eye, and can inveigle the mind from the normal Twitter timeline bullshit.

WHILE he expands his creative landscape, unathletic has the benefit of a group to learn from and grow with. FOREVER WORLD. A troupe of artists of all kinds, the group has begun making waves through the continued growth and improvement by its members. Unathletic has been crucial in its growth, as he's been around for a while. "Like two, two-and-a-half years ago, when it was called 1500FOREVER, my day one Lil Coupe joined, and maybe two weeks after that BIGBABYGUCCI DM'd me saying they needed more producers/creatives. He said it was a one time offer and I couldn't pass it up. I've been rocking with them ever since. That's my family." Being able to have a supporting cast of emerging artists as he (unathletic) continues his growth artistically will prove to be invaluable. unathletic knows how deep FOREVER WORLD's roster is, as he sings high praise for the group. "...we're stacked like the 2010 Miami Heat. So many talented artists. BIGBABYGUCCI really built an empire." The aforementioned Heat team was indeed loaded, and really changed how basketball teams are built, as they were led by the Hall of Fame Big Three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. With the wide range of talent FOREVER WORLD has, it's safe to say they have a highly gifted team with enough talent to beat the Dallas Mavericks.

UNATHLETIC is looking to steer his destiny in the right path in order to secure his future. He has set goals for himself, and is working to attain them. He wants " have a platform where I can share my vision with the world. No longer having to work a 9-5 and be able to support myself with what I was born to do." He's not just looking out for himself and those close to him, as he's also looking to inspire. Unathletic wants to "Give the kids that we're picked last in dodgeball hope and show them you don't have to conform to society's idea of normal to somebody." Being able to explore ourselves creatively and artistically is paramount for personal growth, and unathletic spreading that message is important and promising for those working to create.

"I just genuinely make stuff for myself that I like. The fact that people fuck with it is a blessing." As Unathletic continues to share his unique vision and hone in on his craft, he's going to keep making waves and grow as an individual artist, and his group, FOREVER WORLD. It shouldn't be long before unathletic has mastered multiple elements of design and production and everything comes full circle. Big things are to come.

You can find Unathletic's designs in the Burbs gallery.

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Twitter : @unxxxthletic