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DREAMS are something that everyone has. I have dreams, you have dreams, hell, even an "exotic dancer" in a rundown Wisconsin gentleman's club has dreams. Setting goals and aspirations gives what we're doing purpose, as there's something to work for. Dreams, like anything else, vary, and that's a great thing, as people explore a diverse range of interests, and yield revolutionary ideas and technologies, or simply live fulfilling lives. Phoenix-based artist travis.jpeg has set himself multiple goals that could take take him above the rest.

BORN in New Mexico and raised in Arizona, travis didn't have much to say about growing up around Phoenix. "It's really boring growing up in Arizona. It gets so hot here you can't play outside or do anything, but during the winter and fall is great." After spending the majority of his life in Phoenix, travis has decided that it's time to make a change, and has set his sights on the Big Apple. "...there are so many reasons I wanna move to New York City. I've been there a couple times and I love the city and over the years I've realized that it's so much easier to get jobs and network yourself and your art." For decades, artists of all types have flocked to New York to establish their art and themselves as artists, and so many visionaries have come to fruition in the process.

BEFORE he had dreams of pursuing art in New York, travis was hitting trick shots in Call of Duty just like any other kid from the Xbox Live generation. Quick scoping on Rust led to much more, though, as it actually introduced travis to graphic design. He needed a design " help bring my header together, so I designed a header and I got more into it until it was all I was doing." It was only a matter of time before travis would get into graphic design, as he has "...always been into art." He draws on multiple inspirations, saying that he's been influenced by "...Unkle Luc, Eric Sakurato, and Farris. All you can see somewhat through my artwork." He also cites artists like Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami as infleunces "...for what they achieved with their artwork."

TRAVIS has also been fortunate enough to work with some big artists, helping him spread his enthralling and alluring work to a wider audience. "My favorite artists that I've worked with so far are Big Baby Scumbag, Yung Bans, and MadeinTYO." By adding these names to artists he's worked with, it'll show others that travis is a beyond capable graphic designer who can create artwork that will seize that attention of (potential) fans. He's also done work for Neila World, calling it " sorta introduction to showing people I'm good at logos. I'm hoping with this kinda shit I'm doin' now I can do some logos for big rappers and/or labels."

IN addition to wanting to move to New York and design logos for big names, travis has a a couple other plans in mind. "I know it's expensive to live out there (New York), so if I could live off my art it'd be like one of the bigger goals for me. I definitely wanna make cover artwork for a song that goes platinum." With the big name collaborations on top of big aspirations, travis is setting himself up well to turn his dreams into reality. He's also changing up his style a bit, as he's "...pretty indecisive and like I overthink so I switch styles and what I do a lot. So it's gone from the pixel art to the psychedelic type art and now I'm tryna focus on logos and getting better at typography."

THE blueprint is laid out for travis, and he has the means to see it through. His art is incredible, especially his album covers, and I see no reason why he won't find success. He's got the proof of what he can do, and artists have noticed that. Travis is going to be big, so keep watch.

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