Interview : Drew Dapps

FOR many, new locations often come with new opportunities. People flock to different parts of the world to chase their dream job, their dream girl, or just get a fresh start. Drew Dapps, a twenty-one-year-old artist currently residing in San Diego, recently made the move from Las Vegas, and has begun working on taking his music in a new, exciting direction.

LAS Vegas is one of the brightest, most bustling cities in America, but it wasn't always Cirque du Soleil for Dapps, who

grew up in Blue Diamond, a small Las Vegas suburb of around "...150 houses in a secluded mountain area..." with "...nothing but a gas station..." Small towns around the country have always been symbolic of the American dream, filled with hard workers and tight knit communities. Dapps has clearly taken advantage of his small town upbringing while incorporating the feel of a city kid, as he's built himself a following and continually delivers a refined sound in his music.

THE reason for Dapps move was " be closer to family and finish my college education", but he's also undergoing a big change: a rebranding. "I'm taking my music in a new direction. From now on I'm making dance music, like house stuff. While still working with artists in the underground SoundCloud scene, I'm plotting on bending the cultures and starting a new kinda thing." Originally coming onto the scene as a hip hop artist, Dapps is making sure not to leave his roots. He plans on "...making the transition to house to try and blend genres. That's exactly the mark I'm tryna leave."

THE fact that Dapps is looking to combine genres to distinguish his sound is far from surprising, as many of his inspirations did exactly that. "Growing up I enjoyed a lot of genres, and artists. Some I'd say that affected my style the most is Daft Punk, the Vengaboys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nas, Sublime, Kanye West, and ya know, all the stuff that was popular back in the day." Each of these artists and groups have incorporated elements of different genres and eras to cement themselves as icons, and Dapps has the potential to take himself there.

DAPPS has also drawn on the inventiveness of the artists he's worked with. "Some of the best work I've helped create has come from le$laflame, Vick Lejet, France, Texako, lastclass, OG Maco, Lil Honda, big mf toe, miego, a lot of great Vegas artists and producers I've linked with!"

"I make music you can move to!!" Dapps has set this as his bio on SoundCloud and Twitter, and it couldn't be an truer. The production is crisp and the beats immersive. Tracks like "Dapp House" and "Ignite Me" could be put on in any club around the country and people would instantly start moving and grooving to the calming yet intoxicating sound.

WHILE the rebrand hasn't been going on for too long, it's already clearly headed in the right direction. By continuing to work with different artists from an array of backgrounds and drawing from the insight of his idols, Drew Dapps has set the blueprint for success, and we can't wait to see where it takes him.

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