Interview : Zip Dot

In the age of Melodic trap and mindless lyrics sung in a half singing half rapping manner, its' hard to find a voice that isn't drenched in auto tune and reverb. Let alone a voice that provides substance when it speaks. Not to say these artists don't exist, but they are defiantly few and far between, especially when it comes to the main stage of Hip-Hop. Something that I personally love about Hip-Hop is the diversity of styles and how many sub-genre's there are. In our generation it is hard to find someone who doesn't like at least one style of Hip-Hop. Zip Dot is a Lo-Fi/Conscious (not to restrict him to those sub-genres as his styles range vastly) rapper who brings meaning back to lyrics.


Q. How old are you, where did you grow up, and where do you stay now?

A. "I’m 20 years old. I grew up most of my life in Luthervile, Maryland. I lived there for about 16 years then my family and I moved to Naperville, IL when I was a junior in high school."

Q. What was it like Growing up in Luthervile, Maryland, did it have an effect on you creatively? What was the creative scene like there?

A. "If I could describe it in one word, I’d say nostalgic. It had everything you’d think would be in a neighborhood; from robberies to all neighborhood parties. I can happily say I’m from Maryland. And creatively, I would say it gave me a lot of memories to write about. The creative scene is very different tho! It’s not as ignorant as Chicago it’s more Lofi than anything. There’s hella talent over there I can’t lie.

Q. Have you thought about moving back? Or is Naperville/Chicago a place you’d like to stay?

A. "Honestly I have, there’s a few people that’d I’d love to see again. But I’m not sure now, right now I work 45-55 hours a week at dominos so I’m just saving up all of my cash I get. But overall I would want to live somewhere warm."

Q. So what got you into writing and creating music?

A. "It wasn’t until I moved to Naperville that I started to write. I made some friends in high school that were in the music scene and It stunned me. I already loved music growing up so when I started to pick up the pen... dam man I fell in love. I also started to go to Complex Studios in Chicago sitting in on sessions just observing. I’m a student to the game, I’m always learning. I don’t think I’ll ever quit."

Q. Who would you say were your musical influences growing up, who do you draw inspiration from?

A. "Growing up my mom would always play 80s music, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, all that lmao. My dad on the other hand showed me bands like Yes, The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd. Since I grew up with that I accepted it but for me I found danny brown, lil wayne, and especially Logic to give me inspiration. I’m into lyrics and substance so anything in that field. Count me in."

Q. So what are some of your goals as an artist?

A. "I try to keep myself busy working for goals, small or big. But mainly i just wanna be able to connect to people through my music and lyrics. I try to stay busy with posting on social media and releasing songs, but it does get hard. If there’s one thing I want a listener to get from me and my music is to be true to themselves. Find your true north and stick with it, in any situation, when you rap or at a social event, just be true to yourself and to others."

Q. Who are some of your favorite people that you’ve worked with, and who would you like to work with in the future?

A. "Ooo dam that’s a hard question. There’s ERT, Hittz, Rick Stevenson, and definitely my work w/ Cameronazi. That song we did is my biggest song I ever dropped. It’s currently over 30k+ streams on my SoundCloud. And for the future, I’d love to work with logic, gianni & kyle and some signers. I like my music now, I think I have what I takes. I just need to make it more dynamic."

Q. If you could describe your music to someone who has never heard it what would you say?