Interview : Zeth

In the age of SoundCloud where literally anyone can post their music for everyone to hear, along with music being so easily made on a computer, the saturation of the pool of artists is ever-growing. With this limitless amount of music being made it becomes harder and harder to separate yourself. Of course talent will eventually begin to separate itself from the rest of the less talented and less dedicated artists. Zeth is one of these artists. Someone with a unique sound with a real chance to take music to the next level. Songs with substances and a message can't go unnoticed as Zeth has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays on his SoundCloud with his biggest song totaling a gigantic 230,000,00 listens. As young as he is, Zeth is seriously someone to keep an eye on before he blows.


Q. How old are you now, where did you grow up, and where do you stay now?

A. " I'm 19 years old, I grew up in Bartlett, IL until 4th grade then moved to Naperville, IL until senior year of high school. I then moved back out to Bartlett where I currently live."

Q. So what got you into music, what made you wanna create, and when did you start?

A. "Well my dads side of the family was heavily involved in church music and so I was exposed to it at an early age. I then began to explore other genres of music like rap, soul, and R&B which I developed a passion for. It wasn’t until sophomore year of high school that I actually started to write my own music to beats I would find. But I didn’t actually make anything worth recording until junior year which is when I technically started making music."

Q. Who would you say are some of your biggest creative influences?

A. "I would say Travis Scott, Nessly, Tory Lanez, Playboi Carti, Bryson Tiller, Weeknd... I could go on lol but artists who know how to get your attention with their melodies tend to influence my own music."

Q. What is your creative process like? What inspires you to make a song?

A. "Typically, when a favorite artists of mine drops new music or say I’ve been listening to a particular artist heavily one week, it puts me in the mood to create my own stuff. So I’ll eventually find a beat and allow what I’ve been listening to mesh with my own original style and create melodies. From there, I focus on actual lyrics and out comes a song. When things get hectic and stressful in my personal life, I get inspired to make new music since it’s an outlet to alleviate some of that stress. Hearing new music also motivates me to put out new stuff."

Q. What are some of your goals as an artist?

A. "To start earning money for the music I put out and shoot some music videos. I also wanna set up some shows and get a little more exposure to showcase some of my talent."

Q. Is there anyone you want to work with big or small?

A. "it would be dope to work with RonSoCold, Pierre Bourne, Cole Bennet , lil mosey just to name a couple. I also wanna collab with tylor fakie, I fw his sound as well."

Q. Are you looking to stay in Bartlett or are you trying to move somewhere?

A."Not exactly sure, somewhere warm hopefully lol but if not then some place like downtown Chicago or another city not too far."

Q. If you could describe your music to people who have never heard it before what would you say?

A. "I would describe it as catchy uptempo melodic music , some songs you can chill to and others that you can turn up to. It isn’t the stereotypical SoundCloud music you would expect, I try to make it original while still mixing in popular styles of rap and hip hop music."

Zeth is an artist that can walk in to record, sit down and do it in one take and have it sound amazing. He has a natural swagger that alone will push him past a ton of others artists and allow him to grow and separate himself. Zeth is extremely versatile and is able to implement himself on any kind of song and give off a very natural feel, whatever style he does will never sound out of place.

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