• Howard Butler

Tedy Andreas : Interview

The landscape of hip-hop is in a weird place. At any time, almost anyone's actions can be questioned and brushed off in the pursuit of "clout." Upcoming rappers today can and have been legitimized from the viral dances of teenagers. Tedy Andreas isn't one of these rappers.

Theodore Andreadaki, also known as Tedy Andreas, is a 25-year-old artist born in Greenwich, Connecticut, before moving to New York and eventually relocating to Houston. Originally blowing up in 2015 with his mixtape Mad Illusions, the influence of his home shines through in his music, combining the East Coast boom-bap sound with the chopped and screwed movement of H-Town. Tedy also released IN2DEEP and Andreas Soriano in November of 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Andreas grew up admiring OGs like Nas, Jay-Z, and Mobb Deep. A lot of people in music today did, but not many maintain the sound quite like Tedy. He could try to ride the waves of today's music scene, but he knows better. He is grinding, trying to preserve the feeling of the art form that many of us fell in love with. As rap evolves into different subgenres, some sounding further from rap than ever, Tedy is keeping that authentic feel of gritty 90's boom-bap... and damn, he does it well.

Howie - How are you living? Where you at right now?

Tedy - I'm staying at my cousin's crib in Brooklyn right now. Yeah, I’ve been out here for a minute. I was staying out in Long Island with my boy Eric, but I’m watching over my cousin’s crib while he’s gone. He’s not in town right now, so you know I'm just putting in work, I got the set-up right here.

Howie- It's been a crazy and weird year… Have you been handling everything with quarantine? Has it been affected your creative process?

Tedy - I mean, I'm usually pretty introverted anyways. I like to stay in the crib and make shit, you know? Like at the home studio, but I do that anyways. I never realized how important it is to go outside. This shit is crazy! Some days I can't think of anything, I'm just uninspired, but lately I've been getting back on it. You gotta kind of force yourself to get out of that mode. Now it’s been a couple months and it’s just been feeling like Groundhog Day.

Howie - How did music come into the life of Tedy Andreas? I know you're a huge rap connoisseur, especially older rap.

Tedy- I’ve been listening to rap since I was in the third grade, so I always wanted to do it, but I played sports too. I was too scared to really try, but I started writing when I was probably 13. I was just kinda nice with it. So, I finally got some money up around 16 and then went to a studio paying for time. I could go there once every couple of weeks and people liked it. I dropped my first song the last week before I graduated high school, and the response everybody had... I was getting the love for it.

Howie - What was the name of that of that track?

Tedy - It was called "Extraordinary Movements". It was my very first song I put out. I put it out with a video, too, that I edited.

Howie - Is it still out there?

Tedy - I don't think it's online any more, but I'm going to bring them all back 'cause they're on private right now and I just gotta try to re-release that.

Howie - I considered myself a big Tedy Andreas fan. I went to do the research for this and I didn't know you actually linked with Christopher Wallace’s son.

Tedy - Yeah C.J. I don’t really talk to him too much anymore, but it's all love, you know? He’s doing his thing.

Howie - You’ve talked about your favorite rappers like Nas, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Prodigy, Havoc, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah. Who are your favorite producers?

Tedy - J Dilla. Alchemist is probably my personal favorite. Madlib. 9th Wonder. Sha Money. There’s a lot of cats. Justice League is super dope. There's a lot of dope cats, and my cousin Emami. He’s one of the illest.

Howie - What's your cousin up to? Are you still working with him heavy or is he doing his own thing?

Tedy - Oh no, he's doing his thing; he's got some shit coming. He's been cooking up. I’m at his crib right now. He’s got a lot of shit on the way and he’s been killing it.

Howie - Do we have anything coming from you this year?

Tedy - I'm working on another EP right now. I want to drop some new shit before that, and I want to get some videos going to share, but it's just weird right now. I can't really do much, but whenever it gets better, I’m gonna start doing some more videos. I've got some work loaded up, so I'm just gonna drop another EP this summer and then try to drop another one a couple of months after that and just keep doing it like that. Then, I'll look to do an album when my buzz is up.

Howie - I saw you're going to preview some music with GraphWize. Is that something from the EP?

Tedy - Yeah, we're trying to do a whole EP together. He’s been killing shit; I forgot to put him in the producers, too. That’s my guy, one of my favorites. He just makes dope shit.

Howie - Obviously you're inspired by other rappers and other music, but have you ever got inspiration from somewhere weird outside of music, like a book or a movie?

Tedy - Movies for sure. TV shows too, I like shows a lot; The Sopranos, The Wire, I can’t remember what I just finished. I don't read as much as I used to, and I'm trying to get back on it because it helps me write. You just gotta force yourself to get back into that, you feel me? I was never a huge bookworm, but I do enjoy reading. It's a good source and definitely an inspiration, just by living through life and experiences. That’s what I was saying earlier; it’s kind of different, because it’s so weird right now. There’s no excuse though. It’s all good, but that's really what it is; just walking around, you know?

Howie - If they made a biopic of Tedy Andreas, who would you want to play you in the hypothetical film?

Tedy - I would have to say I’d play myself. I want to get into acting one day.

Howie - When it's all said and done, how would you want to be remembered?

Tedy – Damn, that’s a good question… just authentic, man. Authentic and non-conforming.

Howie - Yes, that's what you're putting off. You're not just trying to come in, ride the trends, and take a bag. You’re doing your shit and people respect it.

Tedy - Yeah, that is what it's all about... I want to be respected. It really matters to me... So, I appreciate you saying that.

Howie - What is your favorite video that you've shot so far?

Tedy - My favorite one has to be one of my first ones, "Moon Walking", I still love that video. Then the "Black Ice" video, my man Lawrence directed it. "Artificial Pt. 2," those are my top three, for sure. I like the "Uneasy" joint too, that one is dope.

Howie – Following your Instagram and music videos, it’s clear you have a crazy vintage game. Some of your clothes are absolutely nuts. Who has the best vintage sports look? Whether that’s logo, jersey, or colors?

Tedy - I like the old Sonics stuff, man. The green and red. Everyone loves the old Raptors and Rockets ones. The Hawks one, too, and the Knicks. I love Knicks gear.