San Lorenzo, a San Antonio native sat down with us this week to discuss how growing up in San Antonio has influenced him along with how he goes about creating music. San's music is a unique twist between Alt Rock and Hip-Hop, no like it actually is, he's not just another wanna be rockstar who puts the "Alt-Rock" tag on a Soundcloud song that is very clearly Rap/Trap, as I see this happen a lot. San was genuine throughout the whole interview which made learning about his inspirations and influences extremely fun to talk about. Also what do you think about Wifisfuneral stealing his song? I'm pretty convinced it was stolen, let us know in the comments what you think!


Q. So how old are you, where did you grow up and where do you live now?

A. “I just turned 20 in November. I was born & raised in San Antonio, Texas (there’s no correlation between my stage name “san Lorenzo” & the city I’m from, just saying). I have a lot of family in Mexico & I can speak decent Spanish; a lot of people here in San Antonio speak spanish. It’s like 75% Mexican. I’m 3/4 Mexican myself. I have white skin & green eyes, but Mexican culture has surrounded my life and was a big factor in my upbringing.”

Q. Can you explain how that culture has had an impact on your upbringing and also what the creative scene is like in San Antonio ?

A. “Well i can speak another language. If it wasn’t for my Mexican family I definitely would only be able to speak one language haha!

I feel a part of two worlds. Anglo people act a certain way around only Anglo people, and because my skin is lighter than the average Latino I guess it makes Anglo people feel okay to say stuff they wouldn’t say if I was obviously Mexican.

The music scene here in San Antonio is fucking dope. There’s some great hardcore bands like Bloodhound & Junkie, we have some fantastic new age artists like Swanny Ivy & PaintItBlues, there’s a strong presence of grungy, west coast / 3rd coast style music headed by 80’s Blond & Deadset, & Hoodlum gives a voice to the people of San Antonio’s infamous barrios. A few people have broken the city’s tight grip in respect to furthering their career, but it doesn’t happen often. The rapper Blake did (but fuck him he blew up off a beat my homie made that he stole & never gave any sort of production credit)

There can be a lot of tension in the San Antonio music scene, but i feel like that’s in every city. The fact that so few people make it out of the city makes people extra weary about who they wanna work with.

I just do my own thing tho. I’ve worked with multiple San Antonio artists, but that’s because I genuinely felt that that particular artist needed to be a part of whatever I was creating at the time."

Q. Who are some of your favorite people that you have worked with and who are some people you want to work with in the future?

A. “ I love working with Wvmkr. We go way back, like 8th grade type shit. He’s a fantastic musician.

I’ve worked with Idknotsure, Deathnotes &!Gxxdrich (the members of Deadset) Lil Gohan, Benzo, & Ders (the members of D&D). I’ve worked with Nikhil Mukherjee, a close friend & amazing guitarist/vocalist. I’ve worked with Parisian guitarist Cxld Blxxd, Las Vegas based producer Lil Fuckface, & some guys out in Richmond, Virginia - Clwdwlkr, Yoki & Rashawn.

Damn can i mention something else??? I thoroughly suspect Wifisfuneral bit my song Dead Faces for his song Been 2 Hell & Back off his Ethernet tape hahaha.

Q. So what are some of your career goals, big or small?

A. “I would love to make music with Lou Reed - but he’s definitely dead. Other than that I guess getting in the studio with JK the reaper, Earl sweashirt, & Tyler the Creator would be lit. I just make music. Any attention or recognition i get from the vessel I use to express myself & to connect with others, music, is just a gift. I just make music to keep me sane. Lately i’ve been producing my own music & I absolutely love it. It makes it so much more personal & comforting to listen to.

Q. So what do you feel is the toughest thing to conquer when it comes to creating?

A. “It’s usually almost effortless, but sometimes i really want to get across a specific theme or message, and then i become super self critical & take my time”

Q. What’s your favorite classic album or song?

A. “Heroin by Lou Re