Interview : Nipz

Nipz, a Seattle-born, Connecticut-based graphic designer and artist, has only been fully immersed in the design-world for a little over a year, but is already starting to make his mark.

RAISED in Seattle, Nipz spent most of his life growing up in cities. Now approaching 20, he has since moved on to Connecticut, and likely won't be returning to Seattle anytime soon. "It was cool but I probably wouldn't want to move back, it's changed a lot in my lifetime and becoming more and more expensive. I feel like I barely recognize the neighborhoods I grew up in, so much has been torn down and replaced."

THE art meticulously crafted by Nipz is vintage yet psychedelic; in many ways, it's incredibly reminiscent of a Quentin Tarantino movie poster. Inspiration is drawn from Kanye West and Kid Cudi, who nipz says "...are my idols... I've gotten a lot of inspiration from them in art of music." Kanye and Cudi became two of the most important artists of the millennium by being bold, and occasionally brash, but never feared to share what was on their minds, and that message is evident in Nipz's work.

OTHER sources of ingenuity stem from designer/artist Kodone, "...who turned the cover art hustle into a lot more.", and FOREVER WORLD, a group that Nipz is a part of.

FOREVER WORLD is a congregation of creators, touching on all aspects of art and culture through various designers, artists, and musicians. Nipz has been a member for a little over a year, and hopes to grow alongside the group. "Yeah I think this is our summer, a lot of momentum going on right now." By being in FOREVER WORLD, Nipz has been able to gain invaluable relationships and a place to grow alongside a roster he says is "...pretty deep with people who do everything."

THE group is growing, largely in part of the work members have been putting in. " the top of my head I think the rappers/singers who are dropping music right now are BIGBABYGUCCI, Lil Coupe, BBY Goyard, Austin Skinner, 30Rock, Yeat, Eli Blxck and Lamar Styles. The full roster is followed on the @1FOREVERWORLD Twitter ." With a team of dedicated artists all chasing after their dreams, the sky is the limit for success.

AS he continues to find his footing, Nipz continues to acknowledge that he's only going to get better with experience. "...if you work hard on anything every day and put thought into it, you improve pretty quick." In terms of how he plans to keep improving? "'s just about finding that time and creative energy to have it be authentic and 'me' as opposed to trying to copy other artists around me."

FINDING artists to collaborate with won't be an issue for Nipz in the future, as he's proven he can draw other artists to work together on projects. "Mackned, BIGBABYGUCCI, $teven Cannon, and DJ Flippp I'd say have been my favorite to work with. They're all big in the underground but have fucked with me anyways and treated me/my work with respect."

THE dedication to his craft has been proven, and as nipz continues to grow, his work will continue to flourish. His perseverance to succeed is apparent, and it's beyond clear that Nipz is on a journey to triumph.

You can Follow Nipz on Social Media here and see his artwork in our gallery.

Twitter : @Bynpz

Instagram : @Bynipz

SoundCloud : @Bynipz