Interview : Michael Kim

Habits can be very beneficial to us, but they can also lead us down a path that is hard to come back from, and when you do something every single day of the year, the habit is no longer a habit. The habit that you once had is now cemented into your routine and is now just a part of your day, and a part of your life. Addiction is a strong word but I believe it fits well for this piece. I’m not talking about smoking or drinking every single day. I’m talking about being so driven to be the best, that you work on your craft and create day in and day out. Coming from someone who has tried to follow this way of life, I can tell you first hand it is not easy. Creative motivation can come in waves and you might not always feel like creating. This is where you need to push through to become great. Work when you don’t want to work and you will be able to do what you love for the rest of you life.

This is exactly what Michael Kim has done over the last 365 days. Kim has been designing every single day and posting it to his social media. These aren’t some half assed pieces of work either, these are some amazing renders that you can clearly see have been worked on with passion. Still not even a legal adult at only 17, Michael is incredibly talented when it comes to his craft as a motion and visual designer. Growing up and still residing in Columbus, Ohio, Michael feels as if the creative scene is not as present as he would have hoped for, leading him to search the internet and social media for a more immersed creative experience.

Beginning in 8th grade watching Youtube tutorials (crazy how now everyone has started on Youtube) and speed art from big designers, including someone who he has had the chance to work with now (this is foreshadowing I think). Working to improve throughout high school an opportunity arose from a brand that we like a lot here on Burbs. Yea that’s right it’s Locations. A bit predictable on my part yea, I get it, but they’re an incredible brand that is on the rise. About a Month after the official release of Locations, The Owner, CG, sent out a tweet regarding recruitment for the brand. Kim, who originally thought there was no way he would get in and that he was not even in the same league as some of the designers in the brand, decided to link his work anyway.

Just hours after submitting his art, he was asked to join the team. So excited that he was now apart of the group he was unable to sleep on the first school night of his senior year, sleep deprived but smiling ear to ear throughout the hallways on his first day of school. As time has gone on Michael has grown very confident in the already stacked Locations roster, seeing the work ethic and determination in all members. Including someone (this is where the foreshadowing comes in) by the name of Caesar who happened to be someone Kim learned from by watching when he was starting to design.

Some goals that Kim has for himself is to design something that can be apart of his everyday life, like designing a major clothing design or doing cover art for some of his favorite artists including Post Malone or Jaden Smith. Another dream of his would be something most kids hope for as well, getting into a good college. Being able to get into a prestigious college like USC, UCLA, or Yale because of the hard work and dedication Kim has put into his art would put him far ahead of others in this very competitive field. Although he has sometime to think about this because he is still in high school, I was curious to know where he thinks he might end up after college. NYC or LA was the answer which is a logical one when it comes to what he is doing.

When asked if there was anything that he’d like to share to everyone reading, Michael responded with this.

“I’d like to suggest everyone to find a dream to work towards. There’s too many people I know that say “I don’t know what I wanna do when I grow up” and I think that should be the #1 problem to be addressed before academics or even a job. If you don’t know what you wanna do, you’re living life mindlessly and wasting time that could be spent for your next goal.”

I honestly couldn’t agree more with Michael. So many people don’t follow their dreams because they don’t know how to or they are just following what their parents want them to do. To me, this is sad because there are some people I see so much potential in that ends up going to waste.

Regardless, Michael is an extremely talented designer following his dreams and The whole Burbs team wishes him success for his career along with the whole crew of Locations.

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