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Growing up is something that we are all forced to do. As children we often posses dreams that are seen by most as unrealistic, and a lot of the time we are discouraged from following our passions because of the risk that comes with it. Many choose to ditch the idea of striving for something bigger. Of course most if not all people would feel security in a stable 9-5 job that provides shelter and food on the table. I would just like to state that there is nothing wrong with a 9-5 job and living a secure life. Actually the world wouldn't be able to function without people in those positions, but I truly believe that if someone works hard enough for what they want, they can accomplish anything on their mind.

Needless to say this requires a ridiculous amount of drive, a focused work ethic, and thick skin. Not everyone who chooses to pursue their most desired life posses all 3 of these traits, and that's ok. Not to be cynical but it isn't for everybody. I can hear my old high school football coach after someone didn't run hard enough in conditioning saying "It's ok Football isn't for everybody, you don't have to play!" Coming across a human being who owns such essential skills in the journey to becoming successful is rare. Sometimes we think we find diamonds, but then after a good look they turn out to be cubic zirconia. Jebidiyah Ryder is a true gem in a world full of acrylic jewels.

Alex has been creative since a very young age. Even having some art that he had made put into a museum circuit in Africa. Growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, Alex was able to meet other people who shared the idea of creating their own path. He attended middle school and high school with the CEO of Reach TV, where he now is the creative director. "Reach TV is a multi media platform based around an interview show. The interview show draws inspiration from Rap City, The Basement, and Wayne's World." Alex says. Alex was able to grow his skill set by being around other creatives, an experience that has helped him now and will continue to assist him in the long run.

Not to be confused, Alex's life has not been a walk in the park. At a certain time he was on the streets and had no place to call home. Times fall hard on all of us, but what matters is if and how fast you can get back up. Some people never do get up and others embrace the struggle and try to turn something positive out of it. Alex chose the latter. He made the decision to get his life back on track. The Jebidiyah Ryder cowboy mindset was born, to help deal with daily struggles. As cowboys are perceived as tough individuals who nut up or shut up when shit gets real. A combination of this persona and Alex's talents offers a euphoric creative outlet for him. He now lives everyday as Jebidyah Ryder.

Originally moving to Atlanta for a Job he had received from a modeling agency that offered free housing for the 6 months he had worked there, once that ended Alex made the move to Wyoming for a short stint, later realizing he should have stayed in the Peach State.

Now Residing in Atlanta, Alex has big goals for himself. "I know I have the mentality that I can't die until I create something big enough that will still be here until after I die". Jebidiyah has now founded his own brand "Ryder Studios" and has been designing clothes, shoes and more. (Everything is fucking cold by the way) Staying true to his roots, Alex uses Jebidiyah as inspiration for his designs, sporting the words "Cowboy Club" on many prints.

This is just the start for young Alex as he is only 21 and creating a buzz in the underground scene. When talent is real and genuine it shines and stands above all the other competition. When you combine talent and hard work anything is possible. Collaborating with Gucci is another bucket list item for Alex, with a vision of a cowboy inspired collection. Alex wants to be responsible for something gigantic, something that any person, regardless of Age, Sex, Race, or Religion can recognize. Something that is Globally seen and understood.

Big Ambitions that can be met with a work ethic that Alex carries. The rare traits that were mentioned earlier all reside within Jebidiyah Ryder. Watch out for this young prodigy as he continues to make waves in the fashion world.

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