Interview : Gianmarco Malandra

The reason art is so cool to me is because it is created in a universal language that everyone can understand but no one was ever necessarily taught. The way an artist can paint a picture in Germany and have somebody in Alaska understand exactly what is going on in that piece of art, it is incredible if you really think about it. I mean I was never great at Spanish 1 or 2 in high school (finished with a D+ both semesters actually) but I can understand the emotion in a song like Mia by Bad Bunny and Drake, and generally understand what is being said. Obviously that isn't the greatest example, I much prefer Gasolina by Daddy Yankee.

All jokes aside, amazing art is created all over the world, and I truly feel like most us never end up seeing so much because the creative community is so vast and spread out across the globe. Thank god for the internet because if this was the 1940's you for sure would not have heard about up and coming Artists from around the world, also Polio was at its peak then too so that didn't help. Contrary to the popular use of sending letters to communicate, I prefer to use the World Wide Web, which has allowed us to connect with Graphic Designer Gianmarco Malandra who grew up and still currently resides in Chieti, Italy.

Spending all 22 years of his life in Chieti, Malandra stated that it was hard to emerge as an artist, as Chieti is not a huge booming metropolis like Milan or Rome. Lack of support can come from living in a smaller area, and as Gianmarco described mindsets in the community are "closed". We have done quite a few interviews here on Burbs with members of a brand by the name of "Locations". We genuinely support everything they have been working on and every single person we have talked to from their team has been nothing but kind. Malandra is no exception. Approached by CG originally, they began conversing about future projects, and eventually this led to Gianmarco joining the stacked roster of what we now know as "Locations". (Seriously these guys are going to be huge, you heard it here first).

Starting in the field of design around three years ago, Malandra began with crafting designs in the gaming community, like banners and covers for Youtube Channels. Through this avenue, he was able to find a passion in designing. When you truly love something and have the determination to get better at it, you will find anyway possible to train and learn. Having no official training (as a good amount of people in our generation don't when it comes to the digital music and art age), Malandra took it upon himself to indulge in design and improve his art.

On a creative Journey you always will come across collaboration, Gianmarco stated he doesn't work with many designers besides his main man, Gekoh. With many projects in the works, Malandra is working hard to make sure his name is known around the world. Big projects that can not be mentioned at this time could lead to Gianmarco cementing his name as a household designer. Developing a creative process was never really a thought for Gianmarco, as he said he gets an image in his mind and just freestyles most of the time when designing, no templates, just letting his creative talents come alive.

Now with huge opportunities being presented to Malandra, all coming from the hard work he has put in, his dreams of opening his own design studio may be more real than ever before. Hopes of developing his own Brand and designing clothes, will come in time. With the success Malandra has had, its' inevitable. Many people forget their roots and do not remember all the people who helped them get to the point where they are at today. This does not apply at all to Gianmarco, as he said he hopes he can meet everyone who has ever supported him on his journey. Creating relationships is crucial when it comes to success, and with that mindset, Malandra will continue to have a strong, loyal, and dedicated fanbase.

Looking through Malandra's portfolio is mesmerizing. So many different styles and designs executed so well. When asked to describe his work in one word, Gianmarco chose undefined. Being labeled can really put restrictions on what people think an artist can do. Keeping yourself versatile and showing others that you can do anything you put your mind to leaves a good impression. It for sure did on me, as I was in awe on just the amount of variety in Malandra's work.

If his art was able to make an impact on me from across the Atlantic, there is no reason why he can't reach across other bodies of water just as easily, which he already has. We see Malandra doing very big things very soon, so be sure to follow and support him so he can reach his goals even faster.

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You can find some of Malandra's artwork in the Burbs gallery here.