Anyone can buy a camera, press the button and have the photo look somewhat decent strictly because of the technology that we have today. It takes more to take the time to understand how the camera works and learn the settings so you can improve and have a better quality picture. Finally it takes dedication to spend money and upgrade lenses and other camera equipment because of just how expensive it can be ; but at the end of the day, does most of whats listed above really even matter if you don't have a creative eye? No is my answer, I feel like you can get by in many forms of art with incredible talent even if you don't have the best equipment. The creative eye by definition to me is when you see something and have a vision immediately of what you can create out of it, or know exactly what direction you want to take when designing. Scrolling on Twitter one day I came across some of Cam's photos that someone had retweeted. They had immediately caught my eye, after going through his profile for a little bit to get a better idea of his work, I knew I wanted to conduct an interview with Cam. The colors he uses for his photos are able to create an atheistic by themselves and he is able to portray so much in the shots that he takes. This week we sat down with Cam to discuss his experiences and dreams.


Q. So how old are you, where did you grow up and where do you stay now?

A. "I’m 17 years old. I grew up in Houston and I am currently in Houston."

Q. How’s Houston’s creative scene?

A. "It is very creative we have many artists and photographers such as my self. I would say being from Houston had a lot of history to it and culture."

Q. So obviously photography is your passion, what got you into shooting?

A. "Well, just capturing moments and making art. I used to play sports so after sports came and left my back up plan was to be a movie director or a photographer. Cause I love the visuals in both."

Q.Growing up or even still now, who did you idolize or look up to creatively?

A.Travis Scott, many people idolize to me a person that they can relate to. From where they are from to how they grew up. I really never grow up in poverty or in the hood as people call it. No where near rich just he grew up same as me. Middle class with a dream. And he raps about what he knows. Not anything he doesn’t know about."

Q. So what is it that makes you decide to shoot a certain picture, do you see something and then have like a vision automatically of how you’re gonna edit it?

A. "Like it is a feeling that I have and half of the time, it’s dangerous, really really dangerous,and I edit on Lightroom and photoshop, anything I that will look good too me honestly. I appeal to the people but it is my art."

Q. Can you elaborate a little more on what you mean by having that dangerous feeling?

A. "Like most of my shoots, like there’s a chance that I risk my life. Like the lake shoot with my boy jaden. We had no boat, no life vest just the camera and my model."

Q. Is there any place that you dream of shooting at, or anyone in specific that you’d give anything to shoot with?

A. "Anyone that can put me on the map, but it would have to be Travis Scott."

Q. So for your career what are some goals, big or small, you wanna achieve?

A. "Either become a personal photographer, own my photography business to put my real friends who create art on , or a movie director."

Q.Who’s your favorite director?

A. "Jordan Peele because the vision he has is amazing and Jonah hill with the 90’s movie as well."

Q. What is your favorite piece that you have ever shot?

A. "Astroworld or the lake."

Q. What would you say is the hardest thing you come across when creating?

A. "Trying to create something different every time."

Q. If you were to try and describe your art to someone who has never seen it before what would you say to them?

A. "A new spin on photography and a new life vision to the way we see art."

Q. Obviously this is your passion and dream and you’d obviously like to make this a career. But what drives you to do that, some people are driven by money, some people are driven by the idea of being famous and known by millions, what drives you?

A. "My mom she has done a lot for me and my brother who passed away at the age of 2 in 2012"

Q. How did you learn how to shoot, did you have a mentor or did you teach yourself through trial and error. (Anyone can shoot obviously but learn to get good at what you do)

A. "Myself. I mean you need skills, but I have never been taught, just shoot and improve every way you can. You make your own vision."

Q. Is there anything else you would want to have shared?

A. "Just be creative and live your dream til the end."


Me trying to describe some of Cam's shots would not do them any justice so instead I'm gonna leave some of Cam's favorite shots below.

As you can see for yourself, amazing shots.

Cam is already extremely talented with a camera and being as young as he is, he still has alot of time to build on his skills. The genuine excitement and passion I felt when talking to Cam about his craft goes unmatched. He is versatile with the way that he shoots and can obviously capture many different styles in his art. Book him now before his rates go up to the point where your broke pockets can't afford him. H-Town today, tomorrow the world.

You can view Cam's shots in the Burbs Gallery here

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